People those who are skeptic about the performance of a Chinese brand to repair the crack in their windshield and can’t completely rely on these foreign brands for them there is this American brand. Country of origin plays a very important role to create the perception of a product’s credibility and trustworthy-ness.

Blue-Star Fix your Windshield Repair Kit Reviews:

Now there are few people who want to stick with native brands. We have the solution for them.This particular product is the cheapest in the market. This is its competitive advantage over other variables currently available in the market.


Blue-Star Fix

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This product weighs only 0.3 ounces and comes in a really small packet. You won’t even bother to keep it at the corner of your car drawer. The only cons of this product are t can be used only once. It is not designed for multiple uses.

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You need to apply the whole mixture on one single crack and it takes all to fix just one. It can be frustrating for the consumers who faces multiple cracks cause you have to keep a bunch in your car in order to overcome those kinds of situation.

Apart from all these, The Blue Star Do-it-Yourself Windshield Crack Repair system is specifically designed for the average vehicle owner to easily perform a professional repair on a chip damaged windshield.

Blue Star’s Advanced Method for windshield repair contains a special deep penetrating resin requiring sunlight to cure. It will prevent stone damage from spreading avoiding windshield replacement.

So this product is actually targeted for the average car user who lacks professional knowledge regarding fixing windshield cracks and who doesn’t want to take any hassle solving the petty issues like crack on their front glass. The price design is very tricky and I must say something regarding their price policy. They have indeed priced it as the lowest in the market but you can only use it once.

You can fix one single crack and then you have to buy another one. And in a case of multiple cracks or multiple vehicles, it can’t give you any solution except going for multiple purchases. You will get multiple usages on the other brands which are over 10USD or just above or beneath the price line.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

So they seem cheapest in the market technically but in reality, it can because you spend way lot more than the other brands.Besides all these this is a sub-compact package. They are not going to provide you everything you might need but then gain you should always keep you expectation aligned with the price.

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Blue-Star Fix your Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit
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