Cleaning and maintaining a car engine properly not only make it look good rather it can sometimes save you from bigger malfunction. You can either wash your car engine from the car wash or any automobile workshop.

But if you want to keep the money in the pocket and want to take the hassle then there are an easy solution for your endeavor. In this article, we will show you how to clean your car engine in simple steps.


Heat up the car engine a bit. Start the car and keep the engine on idle for 2-3 minutes. Heat loosen the dirt a bit from the engine and makes it easy to clean off with help off detergent.


Remove the battery cable. You must remember to remove the negative cable first to break. Once the circuit is broken then remove the positive cable.


Now cleaning the battery is a part of engine cleaning. It enhances the performance of a battery. To clean the battery, take it out from the battery case. Then clean the case with rust neutralizer and brush. Clean the battery cable ends (positive and negative cable) by soaking it in water mixed with rust neutralizer. Then brush it clean. Dry them out before restoring in position.

Now you need to cover the sensitive electrical part of the engine like a distributor, alternator, relay box etc. with plastic bags.

9 Easy Steps of Car Engine Cleaning You Must Know


Once you are done with covering the sensitive parts then you spray the engine cleaner n the engine. Be careful not to spray them over electrical items. Once you spray the cleaner left it out for a while to soak properly. Proper soaking will make it easier to clean off the dirt. Make sure you don’t spray the rust neutralizer on plastic parts of the engine.


Now use different size and type of brush to rub the dirt off the engine. Using the different size of a brush will let you reach most of the parts of an engine. Apply regular detergent to clean the plastic parts for the better result. And yes there are few places in the engine where you cannot even reach with a brush. For those places, you must use brake cleaner. Once you apply brake cleaner, let it soak for a considerable amount of time.


A garden hose is the best option. To clean off the grease and rust, you need water to come with force. There are few places where you can’t get your hand in, a garden hose can wipe the dirt away with its force. Now if you can’t access a garden hose then you can rinse it off with water. But in this case, you might need to wash some parts twice because the normal force of water is not sufficient enough to remove the stain in the first place.

Wash it until it becomes squeaky clean.


Keep the engine to dry out. It might take about an hour or so, but you really should not waste in this part because water in some parts of a running engine could stand as a reason to create the huge malfunction.


Once the engine is dry, connect the battery and start.

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9 Easy Steps of Car Engine Cleaning You Must Know
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