There are easy options for cleaning the car exterior. You can clean and wax your car body then there is the solution for engine cleaning as well. You can get it done from any automobile workshop.

Now when it comes to interior things become a bit tricky and hectic. Cause car interiorly comprises of some expensive component which needs to be handled with care.

We can divide interior cleaning into 3 parts

  1. Dashboard
  2. Seat cover
  3. Carpet and trunk

Most of the car dashboard can be cleaned with dashboard cleaners which are readily available in the nearest super shop or automobile workshop. You can also clean the dashboard with regular detergents or glass cleaner which can be applied on plastic. But the best result can be obtained by using dashboard cleaners.

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In order to clean the dashboard, you can use a soft towel and brush both. Spray the cleaner on the dashboard and gently rub the place with the towel. Do not scrub it too hard because the agents in the cleaner are sufficient enough to loosen the dirt. Your extra force will only damage the dashboard’s longevity.You can use a handled brush to reach the places near pedals.

Seat cover:
The seat cover is something which can’t clean without taking it off. If your seat cover is made of fabrics, in that case, a normal wash would make it squeaky clean. You can give the responsibility to Car servicing center and automobile workshops who has such offer. Or else you can go for washing it personally.

Now if you use velvet or leather seat cover then you must go for the dry cleaning. Now if there’s a small stain on the seat cover then you can go for leather or velvet stain remover which are available in your nearest shop. You just need to spray on the stain spot and scrub it off with a soft cloth.


3 Simple Way You Must Follow for Car Interior Cleaning

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Carpet and trunk:
This is the most hectic part. Removing the entire car carpet and washing it is a very hectic process. It takes few days so you can’t even use your car during that time. Now there’s solution for cleaning carpets.

Carpets which you are adding on (which doesn’t come with car). You can easily take them off and send them for a dry cleaning or you can wash it with regular detergents (make sure detergents suits the fabrics). In the case of plastic carpet, you can clean it wish shampoo and dish washing detergents.

Now for the other one, the best thing you can do is using a vacuum carpet cleaner. There is good range of vacuum cleaner available to use it for this purpose only. You can buy and keep one in the car in case of regular use. You can connect them in cigarettes heater and the long cable will enable you to reach any corner. Vacuum cleaning can be your ultimate solution if you use it regularly. Do not let the dirt stick on permanently.

The carpets in the trunk can be cleaned in the same way using a vacuum cleaner. In this way, you don’t have to uninstall any car audio in the trunk.

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Car Interior Cleaning: 3 Simple Way You Must Follow
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