Your car’s performance and longevity depend vastly on your maintenance. One of the hefty cost associated with a car is its maintenance cost. In some case in order to retrieve maximum performance and service from your car over the time, you might need to spend one-third of the total purchase price of your car.

There is some maintenance which is necessary for uninterrupted performance and then there are some which are kind of mandatory and must do it in order to keep your car running

  1. Weekly maintenance
  2. Monthly maintenance

Weekly maintenance:

  1. Tire pressure: Tire pressure is one thing which ensures stable driving experience. Running the tire with low pressure or high pressure both are harmful to your tires. You must ensure the correct tire pressure is maintained. There are cheap gauges you can find in any superstore to check the tire pressure personally.
  2. Light check: Think about the car which is driving in front doesn’t have the functional brake light. You can easily thump into the back in case of a hard brake. Similar problems can be occurred due to the nonfunctional indicator and headlight or parking light as well. You must check them on a regular basis.
  3. Radiator coolant: If your car’s radiator runs out of coolant it will heat up the engine eventually blowing the engine within a span of a couple of minutes. Think about it. Can you feel the necessity right? You can keep sufficient amount of water in your trunk to tackle any sticky situation where coolant runs out.
  4. Different oils: It is strictly advised to check the engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, clutch oil on a regular basis. Engine oil failure can lead to jamming and blowing off the engine. Brake oil failure will surely cause accidents and the magnitude remains in the hand of luck. Gear oil and clutch oil failure result in jamming the gear bringing your car to an immediate halt.
    The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For Car Owners

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Monthly maintenance:

1.Air filter: checking air filter is necessary because air filter plays a good role in the engine’s performance. A clogged air filter can slow down even the most powerful engine. Lack of acceleration is one of the prime symptoms of clogged air filter. You can clean the air filter with a blower. The more powerful blower will ensure better cleaning.

2.Battery check: check the terminals of the battery. Clean if there’s too much rust. Tighten it if you found it loose. Check the battery water level as well. A weak battery will reduce the power of lights (headlight, brake light etc.) and it will create problem while startup of the car.

3. Vehicle checkup: you should take your car to nearest automobile workshop once in a month for a total checkup using the different analyzer. It will give the most precise forecast about the present condition and performance level of your car. It will also point out any problems that you need to look into in order to prevent greater damage in future.

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For Car Owners
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