A clutch plate works under harsh conditions and in order to move your car and work your transmission it has to work to its potential. When you are speeding down a lane, a plate that is 5-8mm thick gets through immeasurable abuse. When you are still the clutch stays in a normal position and whenever you start to move, it gets smashed between two pieces of aluminum and spins at 4000 to 7000rpm.

One of the most extraordinary part of a car is the clutch pressure plate and the Centerforce CFT532009 Clutch Pressure Plate is an upgrade that your car needs.Centerforce

To make the change easier, I have reviewed the Centerforce CFT532009 Clutch Pressure Plate. This component and the company is hugely popular to car users and mechanics because of the facilities it gets you and the extra benefits it provides. What makes this clutch plate extraordinary?

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Here is a list showing the advantages and features of this clutch plate:

  • Performance clutch patent pertained for this one and counterforce holds 9 exclusive ones.
  • The company has 25 years of experience of making clutch plates and made the best ones that are in the market
  • The weight system, dual friction discs and ball bearing actuated clutch pressure plates makes it better than the competition
  • Every part of this clutch pressure plate has been developed to provide the right amount of clamp load, durability and friction, plus it gives you the ease of use.
  • Made with premium friction materials and uses full facing disc
  • The components gives you immense holding power and longer clutch life
  • Gives you advantages and increased performances in street, off road driving and towing

The Centerforce CFT532009 Clutch Pressure Plate Review has been made after installing into one of my cars and to tell you the truth there aren’t any drawbacks of this machine. Clutch plates make a car go and makes the transmission easier plus smoother.

The Centerforce CFT532009 Clutch Pressure Plate has an improved OE style and a direct bolt-in replacement performance clutch system. Holds power and utilizes engines maximum power. Imagine it being smashed into the bolt and it’s performing absolutely amazing under severe conditions. I haven’t had this clutch plate for much longer but let’s see how long it lasts without breaking it.

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The thing you should always remember is to put good engine oil and you can expect longer clutch life. This centerforce II is a great clutch plate and you would like to keep it under good maintenance. Get your car serviced and checked regularly for a longer lasting engine. Drive safely and happy shopping!

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