In order to know about a clutch pressure plate you must know why the cost differs from company to company and why it matters to put the best clutch plate in your car. The basics are pretty easy, when you put the clutch pedal down, the transmission starts to mash the clutch plate and makes the gear change option open.

Centerforce DF240010 Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate Review

When you press down your clutch, the mashed makes your car go like it’s in neutral.epsxe for android games The discs remain in the flywheel and the pressure plate’s front and back exterior surfaces are made up of friction taking material. The Centerforce DF240010 Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate is a clutch pressure plate set that can take the torque capacity, engages in quality, takes the heat, gives you ease in pedal effort and the inertia causes ease.Centerforce DF240010 Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate Review

I have reviewed the other Centerforce II in another article and that made my ride smooth, gave me ease in transmission and I love it when I change the gears. This one has been installed in one of my friend’s car and I have driven it for a thousand kilometers to make the clutch ease into the mechanism.

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I have pushed the car to its limits, changed gears at 7000-8000rpm and it took the pressure well. Not like the normal ones or the cheap ones that causes noise while changing gears.

Here are the added benefits of using a centerforce clutch pressure plate:

  • Gives exceptional street characteristics
  • Offers extreme holding capacity and durability
  • Dual friction disc has full facing plate side that gives drivability and longevity
  • The flywheel side facing carbon composite gives positive engagement and upgraded holding capacity
  • Sacrifices pedal effort and utilizes driver control
  • Has a grip like no other and gives the application just the way a driver wants

The Centerforce DF240010 Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate has been taken to its maximum capacity and it worked great. recover yahoo passwordThe longevity is still under observation but the clutch plate is exceptionally designed and the material is absolutely amazing.

This one gives the ultimate level of performance and the company has been making great clutch plates for 25 years that for a fact, says they know what they are doing better than me. The centerforce company holds 9 unique patents and their performance clutches gets the best review from the mechanics and users like me.

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Each clutch pressure plate is designed in a way to match the driver’s style of driving and to work under abuse while they have to stay strong because it’s painful to change a clutch plate and drive slowly for a couple of days for it to settle. While shopping or looking for a clutch pressure plate, look for this one and check it out if you can. Drive safely and happy shopping!

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