Cleaning Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is a component which convert/purify the pollutant present in a car’s exhaust gas. The converter cannot totally purify the exhaust gas. It just reduces the level of pollution. Now a catalytic converter has a good number of materials inside it like platinum, rhodium, palladium and many more.

These elements reduce the amount of carbon di and mono oxide gas and nitrogen gas. Now during the process over an elongated period of time the converter might get jammed/clogged. You will notice symptom of failing catalytic converter which we have discussed in another article.

Now if your converter gets clogged you have 2 major a ways to clean them off. We will discuss about them below.

  1. Water cleaning: now this is a very conventional but effective method. Now in order to clean it in this way you will mainly need a high pressure water source and cleaning cloth.First of all you have to ensure your safety as you are going to it alone. Be sure your vehicle is parked on a hard, flat and well lit surface. Open, the hood and lift the prop rod. Secure the prop rod in position to keep the hood of the car open. Put on your protective eyewear before you begin.Second thing that you need to do is to open the catalytic converter. You must use a wrench to loosen and remove the bolts and secure the converter into position. Then remove the converter from the system.Inspect the converter for any kind of physical damage. You can shake it to get further preview on its current condition. The noise indicates whether the converter is clogged or not.Once you are done with the inspection Use a cleaning cloth to wipe away any residue from the face of the converter. Use the power washer to force any built up debris out of the converter. Force the water into the inlet and outlet pipes.

After that you must allow the converter to dry out properly before placing it again in the exhaust system.

  1. Catalytic converter cleaning lubricants: this is relatively easier method than the previous one. You don’t have to take any hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling any component. There are converter cleaning agent available in the market. You need to buy one of those.Once you have the lubricants pour it in the oil tank. You need to pour the whole bottle. Then drive around for 50 kilometer and let the tank gets bone dry. It will ensure the effective utilization of the lubricant. The lubricant which will also burn with the gas is going to clean the clogging or any kind of residue inside the converter. Once done with the process refuel the tank and check whether the converter has been restored to its previous state. You can do a simple exhaust gas analysis to double sure whether the problem is solved or
    These two are the most feasible way to clean up the clogged converter. Now there’s another way though it has few restriction. There are sprays available in the market which is used to clean the converter but the problem is it has to match with your car model or the particular model of converter you are using on your vehicle.If it matches your car then apply the spray on converter while the engine is on. You need to get down under the car to properly spray it.

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Cleaning Catalytic converter
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