Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera & Parking Reverse System Reviews

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera & Rearview Monitor Parking Reverse System is a Waterproof Night Vision Camera. This pack incorporates a night vision-competent back perspective camera and cut on a back perspective mirror for your vehicle.

It is truly cool going down investigating the back perspective reflect and seeing everything behind the auto.

Ideal for support into tight spots or moving backward when deceivability is constrained – it’s similar to having an additional eye. Furthermore, this model accompanies night vision LEDs, which light up the zone behind you around evening time.

This little and strong unit will keep you protected and secure on the grounds that you’ll generally comprehend what’s happening around you. The mirror likewise has different video inputs so you can attach a compact DVD player or iPod.

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera
Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera, Click Here For More Details


There is a crease that circles the body of the camera itself. That crease is marine covered, however in situations that shift in temperature extraordinarily, the plastic can contract and let in water. We propose utilizing clear silicone to circumvent that crease roughly 0.25″ in width. This covers the development and compression of the plastic body.

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera: Some Cool Features:

  • Pyle PLCM7200 incorporates a seven-inch TFT-LCD screen, giving you brilliant video in a vast screen size, so you can see where you are less demanding than any time in recent memory.
  • The screen accompanies a suction mount so you can append it to your window or dash. It likewise accompanies a full capacity remote, and two RCA video inputs for uniting with extra video sources, similar to a DVD player or computer game console.
  • Pyle PLCM7200 comes with All Necessary Cables and Wiring – Marine Grade Waterproof Construction Cam.
  • Separation Scale Line Display: For Parking, Reversing, Depth Perception – Night Vision Illumination.
  • This camera shows “separation lines” on your screen, obviously stamping how far you are from noticeable hindrances. That way you can make sure how close questions are to you, giving you a chance to drive securely and safely.
  • Thin Bar-Style License Plate Mount Camera with Swivel Angle Adjustable Lens
  • The camera introduces effectively anyplace on your vehicle, including close to your tag or on the back guard, and yields perfectly clear video over a RCA jack.
  • The seven-inch LCD screen identifies when you go down and demonstrates the camera on screen. Ideal for sponsorship into tight spots or moving backward when deceivability is constrain

Pyle PLCM7200 Rearview camera unboxing:

The camera introduces effectively over your tag and yields perfectly clear video over a RCA jack. The screen clasps to your back perspective mirror.

The screen recognizes when you go down and demonstrates the camera on screen. When you set your auto back in a drive, the picture vanishes – and your mirror turns into a mirror once more. .

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You can definitely go for Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera & Rearview Monitor Parking Reverse System, Waterproof Night Vision Cam, 7” LCD Display Built-into Mirror Assembly, Distance Scale Lines, and Swivel Angle Adjustable Cam.

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Interior Car Accessories for Men

Men have a passion for cars and designing them the way they want. It’s a guy thing, it may be a sexist term, but it actually is a guy thing. Men have been modifying their cars ever since wheels were created. Since then, as the cars evolved so has the tastes in customization evolved.

Interior decoration is a part of that customization and to design your interior you need the perfect accessories. There are lots of interior accessories these days and it’s hard to find the right one.

I am a car maniac and I worship cars like a god gifted thing. So in order to decorate my car interior I have picked up some accessories that have proved its usages in the recent days.I have handpicked all of these interior accessories and have placed them in a list in this article.

Let’s start observing what they are and why they are useful.

  1. Antigravity Batteries micro start jumps starter

Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Jump Starter
Having a personal jumpstart in your car is useful and you know it. The antigravity batteries don’t only jumpstart your car but charge all your gadgets like a power bank.

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  1. Blind spot mirror

Custom Accessories 71121 2
It’s hard to avoid bad drivers and look out for them at the same time. With this accessory installed in your car, you will be able to watch out for them and it’s small with a wide angle view.

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  1. Heininger 1065 CommuteMate DashGrip

Heininger 1065 CommuteMate DashGrip
Does your phone slide under the front windshield? Or does it fall on your car while you wanted it to stay on your dashboard? This accessory protects your phones, keys, changes from falling off.

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  1. Fix-A-Flat s420-6 Aerosol Tire Inflator with Hose for standard tires

Fix-A-Flat S420-6 Aerosol Tire Inflator with Hose for Standard Tires
Your tire can go flat at any time down a lonely road. So it’s better to have an aerosol that will fix your tire up without any help of a repairman.

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  1. Mpow Streambot Y wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter Radio Adapter Handsfree Car kit

Mpow Streambot Y wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter Radio Adapter Handsfree Car kit
Take calls while driving and play the songs on your phone or music device with this kit. You don’t have to install anything else!

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

  1. Pioneer MVH-X370BT In-Dash Digital Media Receiver with built-in Bluetooth

Pioneer MVH-X370BT In-Dash Digital Media Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth
For the people who wants to spice up their audio system without a cd player, this is the gadget for you. Has Bluetooth, USB port and it works with Iphone’s Siri as well.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

  1. WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion Do you drive like me?

WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

Like a lot of kilometers in a single sunny day and without taking breaks to walk off your pain in behind? Well, if you do, this cushion will cheer your behind up and give you the comfort you need.

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These car accessories are useful and come in handy like no other. There are some stuff that is cooler than these tools, but it doesn’t have to look cool if it’s useful. So when you are shopping for some interior accessories, these are perfect for you. Drive safely and happy shopping!

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What Is the Importance of Buying a Dash Camera?

You might be an excellent driver with zero records of any accident or fine. This statement doesn’t mean that an accident might never occur to you. It’s just a matter of seconds and the stupidity of another person when you fall in an accident. I had my car drive through another car’s door while I was going on a lane I’m supposed to be on and under the speed limit. This accident didn’t occur because of my mistake and I had the video to prove it. Do you?

This is just an example of my accident. Unlike this story, there are a thousand people in the U.S. right now who are driving recklessly or emotionally without them noticing it. If you face such a problem, a Dash Camera will be there to save you from being sued or conned.

Each one of us has faced a close encounter with such situations. You can become a victim of a road rage, con artist and a close encounter with an accident any time of the day. A dash camera will be there to prove that it wasn’t your fault.

Let’s get to know a little more about a dash camera

`. You can drive without hesitation and a worry of a misfortune taking place. They also have an inbuilt GPS system that will let you locate your car any time of the day.

The auxiliary port that uses to charge up your lighter, you can plug in the dash cam. The power from it is enough to run this machine. You can put it up on your dashboard or on your rear view camera or on your car’s windshield. People usually place it in a discreet place where it’s not easily visible. This way your camera will be safe from anyone who would try to access your car.

The features of this little device are really amazing. As you go through all the dashcams which are popular among the people using it, you will see how much they differ. Some have higher resolution camera, wide angle view and some doesn’t even require a power source. They record continuously and records while your car is parked. This way your car is safe from any mishap that is likely to take place when you park your car.

They are not too much costly and some are so inexpensive that you will ask yourself why you would need it. That is when you are going to look for this article. There are criminals out there who will fall on your car when you suddenly break and you didn’t even touch them.

Just so that they can sue you. The dashcams will record both front and back and will provide you the evidence to hand over to the police. People are always trying to scam the insurance company by simply bumping into your car. You can stop insurance frauds from doing such stuff. In a sentence, a dashcam is a perfect addition to your car. Don’t fall in the traps anymore!

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2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder Reviews

A car in-dash camera is also known as a dashcam and DVR (Dash Video Recorder). All the accident videos that you found on YouTube was recorded with a dashcam. Some of them was really funny, but most of the time it’s not the humor that a car dashcam is used for.

2.5-inch HD Car LED DVR Dash Video Camera Recorder Reviews

It records all the way as you drive. It even records accidents and crimes to help evade insurance fraud and cops. In many countries, there are con artists, who creates fraud and commits crime with it and then they will sue you.

HD Rotatable LED IR DVR Video Camcorder with Camera Holder

To evade all these problems and record all that you see on the road and all that you don’t see while your car is parked. The 2.5 inch HD LED IR Vehicle DVR is an excellent addition to your car.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

It will be the perfect dashcam for your car because it will give you more added benefits than the other. In this article, we will review the HD LED IR Vehicle DVR. We will talk about the features and the additional profit you will gain from it. After that, we will give you a briefing about the small drawbacks that we found after testing it.

The HD LED IR Vehicle DVR gives you higher resolution than the cheap knockoff ones at a really low price. This elegant and small machine will cost you lower than other brands and will record at 1080p video resolution. While it records with high definition video, it can also record the surrounding sounds as well. Maybe you can rotate it to see your face and your friend’s and then record a music video through it.

Here is the additional feature that this DVR will provide you:

  • The screen is 2.5” and it’s TFT LCD
  • The screen is rotatable to 270 degrees, note that it’s not the camera’s viewing angle
  • Gives you the camera viewing angle of 120 degrees, that’s really wide.
  • Has an infrared night vision mode with 6 IR LED. It gives you that amazing records at night, just like a police’s dashcam.
  • External memory card and is expandable up to 32 GB
  • Has an in-built microphone to record sound as well
  • Has a cable that runs on the power of your auxiliary port
  • Records as soon as you turn your ignition on
  • The files it saves can be saved per 2/5/15 minutes with recycled recording.
  • Creates date, time stamp on video

You don’t need to manually turn on the power like the regular dashcams. It starts automatically with your car and starts recording. This mini DVR is really discreet and can be mounted on your dashboard and behind your rearview camera. It’s easy to install and the manual will help you all the way.

The drawback is that the night vision camera might take up too much space and it can be grainy. But all the dashcams within this price range performs worse than this one. The night vision doesn’t give you all the details but its good enough.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

All in all, this is a really good device for the price. When you are out shopping for a dashcam within a budget, this can be the perfect one for you. Take a look at the sample videos online before you go out and buy it right away. Happy shopping!

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Dexors X7 Dash Cam Reviews

One of the most common question is “what is car dash cam?” well car dash cam is dedicated and transportable onboard camera that can affix to windscreen from the inside. Car dash cam will record every movement while you drive your car. It is the best evidence which protects you from fraud insurance and police corruption.

Why should you use car dash cam? Reasons are simple. Roads are full of stupid’s. Every now and then accidents occur in streets of America. So why take chance on whose fault was it? Car dash cam will justify against all fraud claims, false justice and insurance fraud. Other than that it will also help you while paring car.

Why should you buy Dexors X7 Dash Cam?

In the intricate world of dash cams some products are designed to shine. Dexors X7 Dash Cam is one of them. It was built to rise above all. Dexors X7 Dash Cam was released on august 2015. It is full of exclusive features. This product will satisfy your many needs. Isn’t cool?

Dexors X7 Dash Cam Reviews

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

It has extraordinary video resolution. Dexors X7 Dash Cam has a resolution of 2560 x 1080p at 30 frames per second. The video quality will simply blow your mind. A 2.7 inch large LCD screen comes with the package. Dexors X7 Dash Cam has ultra wide 170-degree angle. These product attributes of Dexors X7 Dash Cam is clearly beating all other competitors.

If you want to buy this dash cam then this Dexors X7 Dash Cam Review is only for you. You will find the complete product features and specifications here. This Dexors X7 Dash Cam Review will give you the clear knowledge of this product. Here are the full specifications of Dexors X7 Dash Cam.

Technical Features:

  • 170-degree wide angle
  • Endless loop recording
  • Three resolutions: 1920 x 1080p, 2304 x 1296p and 2560 x 1080p
  • On/Off feature
  • Superior night vision
  • Accident auto-detection feature.
  • Panic button
  • Built-in GPS
  • Dexors Player Software
  • Lifetime support
  • 1-year warranty.

Wide Angle Lens: 170 degrees super wide angle lens. It will not miss anything. Because it has multi-layer lens.

Panic Button: please press the “Panic” button to protect a certain video from file overwriting.

Night Vision: improved video quality at night that helps in capturing small details not usually seen at night while driving.

High video resolution: Full HD 1920 * 1080P at 60fps, Super HD 2304 * 1296P at 30fps. WFHD 2560 * 1080P at 30fps with H.264.

dexors-x7-dash-cam-reviewG – Sensor: The gravity sensor detects any unexpected impact and mechanically locks the video to avoid from overwriting. It can be disabled via a menu setting.

GPS Tracking: Dexors X7 Car Camcorder is built with GPS component including Dexors Player Software. The Dexors Player can play recorded video and show information of position, Speed and direction on Google Map.

Loop Recording: Seamless video loop recording to guarantee ‘none stop’ recording in a single memory card.

Package Includes:

  • Dexors Car Camcorder
  • Mount Kits
  • Car Charger
  • 16G MicroSD Memory Card
  • MicroSD Adapter
  • GPS Module
  • USB Data Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty

These are the full product details of Dexors X7 Dash Cam. It’s totally your chose weather you want to pick the best or worst. Drive happily, live well.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

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Itrue X3 2.7 Inch Car Dashboard Camcorder Review

Every day people see implausible stupidities in American streets. Don’t you think these incidents deserve video recording? Why? To save yourself from insurance fraud, place corruption and other stuff like those. Because you never know when the responsibility will fall upon you. It’s best to keep evidence for your own defense.

Why should you buy Itrue X3 2.7 Inch Car Dashboard Camcorder?

The market is full of different dash cams. So the question is which one to buy? Itrue X3 2.7 Inch Car Dashboard Camcorder is developed with the latest technology. It’s a high definition camcorder.01-horz


It could be used as both regular HD camera and professional HD car camera. This product with filled with so many attributes which have complete ability to satisfy consumers.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Here is the Itrue X3 2.7 Inch Car Dashboard Camcorder Review.

  • Intelligent videos: the quality of the video is brilliant, both throughout the day and night because it has video stabilization feature, which ensures the abrupt on the road will not influence recording quality. Day and nighttime videos are similarly sharp.
  • Leather method: this is the most significant benefit of this dash cam and an absolutely best feature that gives it position in the market. In accumulation with elegant and gives dashboard camera a superior phase.
  • Design: the model of the X3 is unconditionally stunning. This dash cam will remind you of a smooth model of smartphone that has come out recently.
  • Operation: Because of the large 2.5” LCD screen, the images are clearly noticeable, menus are informal to read and each button is branded for the comfort of use. However, to find out what each button does read the user’s manual first. The manual is very well inscribed and has a lot of beneficial information.
  • Sound superiority: the sound quality is excellent, like the video quality. It works flawlessly well at catching car horns, outdoor sound, alarms and other outside noise that might be related in the case of an accident.
  • Total Performance: maximum buyers are pleased with this dash cam.

Full Features:

  • Start/Stop recording automatically after turning on/off.
  • Endless looping mode. Works robotically without any human touch.
  • Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor)
  • Auto data lock to memory.
  • 1920x1080Full-HD resolution at 30 fps with H.264 compression technology
  • Excellent night vision by AR0330 170 degree 6-layers glass lens
  • Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology
  • 7 inch 4:3 LCD

Full Specifications:

  • Chipset: Novatek
  • Video Resolution: 1080FHD 1920×1080
  • File Format: Video: MOV
  • Motion Detection: Support
  • Memory Card: Support up to 32GB Micro SD/TF Card
  • USB: Support
  • Audio Recording: Support
  • Functioning Temperature: 10°F to 140°F

Package Includes:

  • ITRUE X3 Dash Camera
  • In car charging cable
  • Mounting holder for camera
  • USB cable User
  • Manual
  • 8 GB MicroSD card

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

These are the special features and specifications of Itrue X3 2.7 Inch Car Dashboard Camcorder. Currently, it’s capturing the market with these unique features. I have been using this product for a long time. And I must say it definitely will satisfy your demand.

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Car Dash Camera Review

A car back up camera is a particular camera placed at the rear of the vehicle and attached to a display placed on the dashboard or anywhere in the front panel. The main purpose of having one on your car is to avoid a collision while reversing or parking your vehicle.

The design of a backup camera is distinct from other cameras in that the image is horizontally flipped so that the output is a mirror image. This is necessary because the camera and the driver face opposite directions, and without it, the camera’s right would be on the driver’s left and vice versa

Now everyone is pretty much familiar with it, as it is a very old concept which facilitates you’re driving. Now there is a wide variation of the camera in the market enough to make you confused to pick the right one for you. So it would be always wise to go through some reviews to grab the best value for money deal for your car.

Following are the reviews on some most prospective car backup cameras which we have come across.

RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD (Black)

This one comes with a 7.0 inch LCD display so if you don’t have any on your car it will fill up the blank. The camera is weather proof infra-red. The 18 infra-red light would give you a clear vision up to 50 feet even in the darkest night. The back camera has an IP 68 rating which is a sign of a guarantee on their claim of weather proof.

Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD

The whole package comes with a 20-meter cable with aircraft grade connection and all the other component necessary for installation.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

The camera itself is made of heavy duty zinc metal for encasing the 2.1 mm sharp lens. It has a viewing angle of 130 degrees and 480 TV lines, which means you get the best quality image with no blind spots.

The display has a resolution of 480P and comes with built-in speaker and with a remote for a better controllability.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera with Night Vision:

This is a beast. It offers almost everything that you can expect from a camera. It comes with an 8MP camera which can capture image and record video at 720P with audio. It has used passive infra-red motion sensor which enables you to see up to 60 with a clear view. It gives you the opportunity to get the clearest image and a 32GB memory card to save them.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera with Night Vision

Another attractive feature of this camera is its night vision capability. It has 32 LEDs which function as a powerful flash giving you a reach of 60 feet of visibility during darkest of the night. Field Scan 2x allows the set-up of two windows of image capture without requiring the normal movement trigger. The picture shows date time and temperature.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

The camera can be set to operate during the day or night only, or 24 hours (equipped with day/night auto sensor). Also, Field Scan time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals. The camera will take photos or video clips automatically at your choice of intervals, without requiring the normal movement trigger. Field Scan 2x allows the user to set-up two windows of image capture, useful for capturing time-lapse at dusk and dawn.

It comes in a camouflaged outlook which gives you the provision to hide the camera or make it look like there’s nothing at the back. This is particularly important when the camera design doesn’t go well along with your car. This is another best-rated product on amazon.

Genius DVR-HD 500D Digital Video HD Recorder for Vehicle, Dash Camera with Dual Lens for Both Front and Back:

This is another product to look at. This particular product comes with front facing and back facing camera enabling you to get both the view. It comes with a 2.7-inch display which you can either set on the dashboard with suction cup or on top of the windshield with adhesive tape. It gives you a little liberty on a customized display setup.

Genius DVR-HD 500D Digital Video HD Recorder for Vehicle

The camera has a 130-degree rotation capacity which provides you with widest of angle for the viewing purpose. One of the main problems with these cameras especially the one which doesn’t come with a night vision is the performance lag in low light. As it doesn’t come with night vision the manufacturer has installed a built-in IR light making it capable of providing the best image in low light settings.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

The camera can record at 720P at 30FPS. It doesn’t come with an SD card so you have to buy one for elongated video duration. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

I-Max 4.3″ Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

This is another hot deal. It comes with 4.3″ High-Definition LCD Anti-Glare Mirror Monitor with Auto-adjusting brightness. It has a Compact design with touch button on the right of screen, original factory style look, Smaller than the usual mirror and suitable for small cars.

I-Max 4.3" Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

It does not occupy too much space and broaden the driver’s sight, easy to operate and safe to driving.
It has got Two Video Inputs and Easy to install, factory looks and quality, original feel bracket for most cars, especially perfect fit for the smaller cars.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>


Pyle PLCM7500 Car Vehicle Backup Camera & Monitor:

This is one the most wished product on amazon. And the product actually has the charm to become the wish object of so many people. This is an awesome video monitor/backup camera kit from Pyle. The kit includes a waterproof, low-light-vision equipped, universal mount color rear view camera and suction cup mount screen for the inside of your car. The camera outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack – even in the relatively low light.

I-Max 4.3" Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

The 7″ LCD monitor detects when you back up and shows the camera on screen. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having an extra eye.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

It’s also equipped with a distance line mode to show you how far away you are from other objects in the camera’s viewfinder. And with two video inputs, you can even use the monitor to watch DVDs or video from any other source that outputs composite video. Includes video and power cables, wireless remote control for the monitor, and instructions for mounting.

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Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam Review

Presenting the highest rated Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam, which has taken the market away with the quality. The dashcam doesn’t only look good but the features helped it to reach the popularity it has. How many times have you looked for a dashcam with this much benefits? This beautiful little machine gives you more benefits than it features.

Falcon Zero is the brand that produces the quality dashcams and one of the best is the F170. We have used it, tested it to its capacity, drained its battery and filled the memory.

Falcon Zero F170 HD Dash Cam DVR

Basically, we tested to the maximum output level it gives you and it’s amazing. Receiving excellent customer review, this top seller is definitely the dashcam we would suggest you to get.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Let’s take a look at the product description and the benefits of them:

  • Shoots at a resolution of 1920x1080p at 30fps, faster shooting means more details at playback
  • Has an aperture of f/2 which lets you record videos at an amazing resolution at night
  • Has an in built GPS, that helps you to locate where your car is
  • Isn’t that big and it is discreet. Can blend in with your interior. (102mmx57mmx13mm)
  • 6 glass lens and has a unique WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) which is 170 degrees
  • Auto on/off system doesn’t require human touch
  • Features endless looping mode which records continuously until stopped manually
  • Has 12mp camera inbuilt and has a memory capacity of 64gb
  • The GPS location tracker is accurate and will input GPS data into the video
  • Time and date stamp are recorded on the clips as well
  • Unbuffered parking mode which records your cars surroundings even when your car is at the parking
  • USB and HDMI ports help it to get plugged in and is versatile that way
  • Locked function included
  • Has a 2.7” capacitive touch screen


The Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam has all the features that a car user need. The features aren’t the best thing of it, the benefits it gives you are. It has a built-in g sensor which helps it to start recording when the car is in motion. Movement detection helps it record when it’s parked. It’s easily operable and it is readable through both Mac and Windows operating system.

The dashcam has an inbuilt system to reduce fish eye distortion. It offers very good quality video in both day and nighttime. It’s easily installable and comes with instructions, cable for 11v power and a GPS antenna. Has a 2.7” operative touch screen.

The only drawbacks are that when the video is zoomed, it becomes a bit grainy and it doesn’t operate as the best webcam. But it’s definitely worth the value for money.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

The outlook of any dashcam matters as it is well hidden and you can hide the Falcon Zero F170 Dashcam anywhere in your car. It’s best to put in behind your rearview mirror and it will fit there perfectly.

There is no complain about this machine’s beautiful look and performance. We would recommend you to check it out at the store and the sample videos online before you decide which dashcam you would buy. Happy shopping!

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A Buyer’s Guide to Car in-dash Camera

We used to see a lot of videos on televisions about police car chases. Recently, a wave of funny and accident videos have been uploaded and seen on YouTube. It’s all because of the dashcams. The dashboard cameras were used by police only. But as technology developed and the price of them dropped, car in-dash cameras have been at the peak of its sales.

A Buyer’s Guide to Car in-dash Camera

In most developed countries, the car in-dash camera is popular because of the affordability and insurance policies. Insurance companies now use it to justify the need for insurance from the footages of the video. Higher resolution car in-dash cameras are now as cheap as they can get.

We all have looked up online to get to know the product before we buy them. It’s important to know what you are buying and what value for money you are getting. We have reviewed multiple dashcams and know what to look for in the market. So we are here to help you guide through the process of buying a dashboard camera.

What’s a dashcam?

Dashboard cameras, also known as dashcams and DVR’s, are the camera that is installed on your dashboard to record the footages of the road while you drive. Though most dashboard cameras are mounted on top of the windshield or behind your rearview mirrors, where it is almost invisible to see, it’s named dashboard cameras because it used to be on dashboards.

Dashcams are the smarter version of your regular cameras. It has motion detectors built-in and has a wide viewing angle. It’s more like an action camera for your car.

Why buy a dashboard camera?

You may have seen all the videos on youtube about funny car accidents; meteor falls in Russia, car chases and examples of road rages. These are NOT the main reason why you should buy a dashboard camera.

Dashboard cameras are there for security reasons. You will have legal evidence and police can use it for investigation.

It’s like a security camera for you and is not meant to have a video of your memories. These dashboard cameras are not taken into account until an incident takes place. Just imagine this, you are driving safely and peacefully when suddenly, out of nowhere a car stops in the middle of the road and you bumped into him. He can’t file a case against you because you have a proof that it wasn’t your fault.

In many countries, it’s a must use for the drivers to use a dashcam if they have insurance. You can install it on your own if you feel the need for it. It will help you claim your insurance without having the hassle of having a file of insurance fraud against you.

The car dashboard camera will also help you if someone damages your car. You will have an evidence of it even if you weren’t there. You can identify the person or you can hand over the footage to police for further investigation or proof that it wasn’t you. You will also have footage if someone steals your car and misuses it.

What to look for in a dashcam?

Night Vision Dashboard Camera Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security

Judging from many aspects and features, you have to pick up a dashcam. There are many popular brands and they offer different features. The basic of a camera is always there just with different sort of quality.

So here’s a few priority features and basic stuff to look for in a dashcam when you will be buying one.

  • Video quality

Different cameras offer a different kind of video quality. And it’s the main priority when you look for features. You need to find a dashcam that offers a higher resolution with faster frame shots per second also known as FPS.

If you go through the really cheap ones, you will be disappointed to find the video quality. Here are few pointers to find the camera with the best resolution and the one that suits your choice.

  • Look for the sample videos on youtube or any video sharing websites. Watch it with the full screen to find the true resolution of the video quality.
  • Go through the sample videos or the recorded videos of night time videos. Most cameras perform really badly in the night time. The grains will make the descriptions disappear. So look for a camera with lower grains in the video.
  • Note that the viewing angle will play a large role while recording the clip. Recording at a higher resolution may hamper the large viewing angle.
  • Disguise

Dashcams are better if they are well hiding. The more discreet the camera the better for you. For security purposes and other reasons. If it is visible while you drive, it can distract you. And the visible dashcam will not be a good addition if it makes your dashboard look bad.

Another thing that you should take into account is the color and size. Discreetness comes from both color, size and installation place. If your car is black then you need a black dashcam to hide it properly. Depending on the color of your interior you should pick up a dashcam.

  • Battery

The battery is one of the main things that will go wrong with your dashcam. If your dashcam runs out of battery while you are in the middle of driving, it will stop recording. It’s one of the main reason of the overheat damages. In hotter countries, the battery will run hot and can cause technical problems.

In hotter countries, a camera with the higher ability to withstand the heat will be greatly useful and will be safe to use.

  • Number of cameras

There is a lot of dashcams with single cameras. But you will also find some that records both front and rear. Meaning the dashcam that has the camera on both sides of it. It will record your driving and the driver. This will be useful in many cases of theft and robbery. Cops can use it as evidence while filing your case.

  • Memory and processor

Your dashcam should be able to record video continuously and shouldn’t stop because of a speed bump or a hard brake. If the memory slot has low capacity and doesn’t delete the old footages to save new footages, it’s not a standard dashboard camera.

Reliability depends on the video quality. If it records blurry images, burns or hangs then it’s a really bad camera. Having a good processor and memory is the second thing you should bear in mind after video quality. The Bigger processor means faster recording and saving. The lens and CMOS processor should be inside it for better recordings.

There are many features that different company offers on their dashcams. Don’t fall into their trap and be wise before you make a decision. They will offer stuff like LED light on the car in-dashcam, which promises better quality night vision.

In reality, it doesn’t. Also, look for cameras with longer wire connection for better placement of installation. Most importantly, don’t buy rip-offs or secondhand cameras, as the electronics inside it can be damaged and you wouldn’t even know. Buy from authorized vendors and reliable brand retail stores. Happy shopping and drive safely!

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Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera Review

Looking for a dashboard camera which suits your car and style? Looking for how the viral YouTube videos are recorded at the perfect time? Here’s the one you have been looking for. Your beautiful car needs a beautiful looking camera on its dashboard. With the modern technology, the outlook matters too.

If it looks like an old-fashioned camera, it won’t suit with your modern day car dashboard. So, stop looking further because Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera is the one you are looking for.

Dashboard cameras are known to serve all people. From insurance purposes to records of driving experiences. These dashcams are popular and widely used these days. These modern equipment are there to record your tours and travels as well as activities going down the road.

There are a lot to look for in a dashcam. If you are a first time user, you need to know which features are to take in mind while you are searching for one.Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera meets all the necessary categories and we are going to explain why.

Spy Tec Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera Review

Power source:
The Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera has a capacitor as its power source. The capacitor usage gives an edge in hot climates because the camera doesn’t overheat. This gives a great advantage to drivers who drive in a hot climate and goes on long journeys.

The most problematic feature of a dashcam is the power. The battery runs out quickly and you have to change it regularly. It’s the first component likely to fail in a dashcam. So, this feature gives a great advantage.

Justifying the company name, Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera is discreet and is built for disguise. It is really compact and fits in perfectly above your rearview mirror. The black color gives the Spy Tec A118 a perfect disguise to blend inside, making it look like a part of your car.

>>Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Video and audio quality:

The most important thing to look for in a dashcam is the video quality. The better the video quality, the better the dashcam. The 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps recording comes in handy because it gives much sharper video to identify and spot anything that you require.

The night time recording on Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera is a bit grainy but perfectly watchable. It’s the most challenging feature of a dashcam. And the Spy Tec A118-c performs excellently.

The Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera records audio too and has a speaker built-in with it. The audio recording is satisfactory. You can’t expect more in a dashcam.

Display and viewing angle:

The Spy Tec A118-C Capacitor Edition Video Car Dashboard Camera has a built-in 1.5 inch HD screen helps you to rotate and set the perfect viewing angle for the dashboard camera. The 170-degree viewing angle helps to adjust the camera in such a way, it helps you to rotate to the perfect angle.

You don’t have to worry about the viewing angle to get changed because of the speed bumps because the locks on it are better than most other dashcams available.

Spy Tec A118-C : Some Cool Features:-

  • X1 Car Cam
  • Windshield Suction Cup w/ GPS Module
  • 1 Extra Suction Cup w/ EMPTY GPS Module
  • Car Charger w/ Long Cable
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • Card Reader
  • CD with Video Player Software for GPS Function
  • User Manual

The features on this dashcams are better than most other because it’s one of the best products in the field. This stealthy little camera fits in with you dashboard better than any other dashcams available. You can’t find a better camera with g-sensor night vision motion detector.

>>Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

So, when you are in the market for a dashcam, better look out for this one. Happy shopping and drive safely everyone!

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Pyle PLCM7500 Car Vehicle Backup Camera

How does it feel when you are parking your car all alone without any assistance? If you are good at parking then it is OK. But if you are not then it will be too much frustrating. But here is the good news. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because Pyle PLCM7500 backup camera is here to assist you.

Now the question is why should you choose Pyle PLCM7500 Car vehicle backup camera over all the other cameras in the market? Here is your answer.

Pyle is the best car camera provider in the market. Not only their product attributes but also their brand itself carries a great value. Customers can rely on their product.

Why should you buy Pyle PLCM7500 car vehicle backup camera?

Pyle PLCM7500 car vehicle backup camera is the best car dash board camera equipped with advanced technologies. The complete device is waterproofed. It works perfectly in low light. The package also includes universal rear view camera mount and suction screen cup mount for the back side of the windshield.

Pyle PLCM7500 Backup Camera
Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera, More Details

The video performance is extremely good even in poor light where the human eye can barely see. Video works with RCA jack. A 7” LCD monitor comes with the whole package. Whenever you put your gear on R the camera will automatically shift to a rear view camera.

Its perfect for reverse driving where you have to drive through a tight spot. Even when your reverse visibility is very poor it will help you perfectly.

It will give you a feeling of having an extra eye. There is a built in line mode which will assist you to see far you are from an object. There is a scale that will be shown on 7” screen to assist you.

There is a built in line mode which will assist you to see far you are from an object. There is a scale that will be shown on 7” screen to assist you.The screen comes with two video inputs. You can even watch DVDs or video from any other source that fits the exact output.

The package also includes video and power cable, wireless remote control for the 7” screen and complete instructions to install Pyle PLCM7500 Car vehicle backup camera.

Let’s take a quick look at the full features and specifications of Pyle PLCM7500 Car vehicle backup camera.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Pyle PLCM7500 Backup Camera: Some Cool Features:-

  • Monitor: – High resolution
  • License plate mounts backup rearview color camera – Total pixels: 656 x 492
  • Low light capable
  • 7” TFT-LCD monitor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Black zinc aluminum die cast chrome
  • Resolution: 420 TV lines
  • Window mount bracket
  • Two video inputs – Distance scale line –
  • Viewing angle: 170 degree
  • 17 foot male to male RCA video cable
  • 16:9 wide screen
  • Power supply: DC12V
  • True color reproduction – Auto white balance
  • Dimension: 10”W x 1.3”H x 1.26”D
  • Pal/Ntsc system
  • Dimension: 7.60”W x 5.24”H x 0.98”DCamera
  • Low luc performance of 0.2 lux night vision
  • Water proof, fog resistant

Finally, I can say it will completely convince your need. Pyle PLCM7500 car vehicle backup camera will definitely give you the ultimate satisfaction while driving. There will be no drawback for you as a driver. But its your car and your choice. So think before you buy. Happy driving.

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KDLINKS® X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS Review

How does it feel to pay a price even when it’s not your fault? I know that terrible feeling. So get the best car dashboard camcorder before it’s too late. Because you never know what’s waiting for you ahead. Not only the accident but also for claiming insurance from the insurance company.

Why you buy KDLINKS® X1 Car Dashcam?

The reason is simple. It is the best car dashboard camcorder in America. A consumer can easily rely on a brand like KDLINKS®. They are the market leader right now. Their product features and attributes are making them different from others.

KDLINKS® X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS is enormously popular in America. It was released in 2014. It’s packed with full 1080p HD video quality the device itself looks cool. It will give you a hi-tech feeling while driving your car. The lens of the camera has 165-degree wide vision. So basically, you can capture everything you see through your windscreen.

 kdlinks x1 dashboard review

Video quality is very good during both day and night time. Even the video image is much detailed. You can see every possible movable object in your recordings. If you install this device reading license plates of other cars wouldn’t be a hard job.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

But besides all these features best part is KDLINKS® has the most established customer support among all other vendors in the market. If you just email them, they will definitely reply within 24 hours.

No matter whether its weekend or weekday. Or even on a bank holiday. Yes that’s how you treat your valuable customers. They won’t give you a chance to complain about their product and service. Most of the time they reply within a minute to your query.

KDLINKS® X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder has the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Right now KDLINKS® X1 is the highest ranked car dashboard camcorder in the market. If you want to talk about the product features then KDLINKS® X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder has GPS with geo-tagging.

You can easily check route on your computer. X1 Camera also has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which will help you for better visibility at night. Moreover it has features like loop recording, auto on/off, time/date/speed indicator. A G-sensor is already installed for detecting critical events while driving. Let’s take a quick look at detailed product specifications.

KDLINKS® X1 Dashboard Camcorder Review: Specification and features


  • resolution: 1920×1080p @ 30fps
  • Bit rate: 12 Mbps
  • Aperture: F1.6
  • GPS
  • WDR Superior Night Video
  • Fast bootup time
  • 7″ Screen
  • 12MP 6-glass lens
  • Novatek NT96650 processor
  • AR0330 sensor
  • Angle of view: 165° diagonal
  • Small size (89mm x 48mm x 38mm)
  • Operating temperature: from -40°C to 77°C
  • Video format: MOV
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Photo resolution: up to 12 MP
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD cards
  • Time / date / speed stamps on video
  • Loop recording, auto on/off, G-Sensor
  • Interfaces: MiniHDMI, MiniUSB
  • Lock file button
  • Player software for Mac and Windows
  • Internal microphone and speaker

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Package includes-

  • X1 Car Cam
  • Windshield Suction Cup w/ GPS Module
  • 1 Extra Suction Cup w/ EMPTY GPS Module
  • Car Charger w/ Long Cable
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • Card Reader
  • CD with Video Player Software for GPS Function
  • User Manual

I can assure you KDLINKS® X1 wide angle car dashboard camcorder will definitely please you. It’s a product designed to all your needs and wants. It has all the capabilities to make your ordinary driving experience extraordinary.

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