Dee Zee Tool Box – Specially Narrow Crossover box. Developed of tough Brite-Tread aluminum. Dark Tread powder coat, gives a sparkle dark completion while it ensures and forestalls oxidation. Different elements: lockable push-catch handles, hosed gas stuns, shut cell froth gasket and self-altering strikers. J-Bolt mounting equipment included. Perfect throughout today’s short bed group taxi or any truck that wouldn’t like to lose profitable bed space.

Dee Zee DZ6170NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box

Get the advantages of a tool compartment while augmenting your truck bed space with an exceptionally outlined tight hybrid toolkit. This tool stash has lockable or handles hooks, a gasket to seal the tool compartment from downpour and snow and gas stuns to facilitate the opening and shutting. This tight toolkit is gladly made in the USA. J-Bolt mounting equipment is incorporated alongside an arrangement of establishment directions to make them go.

Dee Zee DZ6170NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box

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The Dee Zee DZ6170NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box includes full width and slender profundity. Created from precious stone tread aluminum in standard Dee Zee thickness, these cases highlight dark powder covering, simple to-utilize discharge handles, stainless steel lock barrels, a disguised full-length pivot, hosed gas strut, flexible top snugness, removable capacity plate, and impermeable fixing. Lifetime guarantee.

Features of the Dee Zee DZ6170NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box:

  • Highlights bed-spreading over width with thin profundity for pickups with restricted space
  • Boxes are accessible in different sizes
  • Dee Zee standard thickness .056 aluminum development with textured jewel tread design
  • Simple get stainless steel discharge handles situated on both sides of the crate can become to effortlessly from either side of your truck
  • Uncovered lock chamber is produced using stainless steel to oppose erosion
  • Textured precious stone example aluminum is ensured with dark powder coat to oppose chips and scratches
  • A full-length depend on all containers forestalls uneven opening and is covered to avoid contact or sticking against things inside tool compartment
  • Gas stun permits cover to coast open or shut easily
  • Removable plastic plate keeps littler things composed
  • Elastic gasket seals keep dampness and the components out
  • Cover strikers can be changed in accordance with redo the snugness of elastic gasket pressure when the top is closed
  • Restricted lifetime maker guarantee on aluminum, 1-year guarantee on external completion
  • Gladly fabricated in the United States

The Dee Zee DZ6170NB Specialty Series Narrow Crossover Tool Box has been made with an abundance of value Dee Zee tool compartment highlights in a smaller size for the individuals who need or require a lockable, dependable tool stash that takes up, at least, bed space. Like all Dee Zee boxes, it takes out the cerebral pain of pivots that tie when tops are pulled from one side. Rather than two separate pivots, an incorporated one compasses the whole width of the top.

Not just does it permit the cover to open equally, a gas strut permits it to float up with hosed, gem-like smoothness. So when you need the top open, it stays open without falling on your fingers. Also, when you need it close, it stays close without rattling in light of the fact that a superb elastic gasket keeps up a tight seal that keeps dampness and dust from inching in.

>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

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