Facebook Lets you Add a Rainbow Filter to Your Profile Picture with One Click

The Social Giant, Facebook has launched a new tool in celebration of victory that the US Supreme Court has passed a rule in regard to allowing Gay Marriage or Same-Gender Marriage. The US Supreme Court has initially banned Gay marriages as they are unconstitutional, but now it has become a law of land in all 50 states. In order to celebrate this victory of marriage equality, Facebook has introduced a new tool that allows you to superimpose a rainbow filter over your profile picture with just a single click. Facebook has launched this new tool in order to add more color to your Facebook News Feed.

“Celebrate Pride page” – Show Your Support on Facebook

In support of the New announcement from Supreme Court after a long period of time, Facebook celebrates the joy by initiated this new page namely, “Celebrate Pride page”. Now, you can add a lot of color to your Facebook News Feed. This page allows the users to set a change for their tedious profile pictures into ones that celebrate the significant ruling.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates the Victory

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has used the new tool to change his own profile photo on Friday and wrote a separate post revealing the remarkable ruling.

“Our country was founded on the promise that all people are created equal, and today we took another step towards achieving that promise,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I’m so happy for all of my friends and everyone in our community who can finally celebrate their love and be recognized as equal couples under the law.”

Facebook is not only the company that supports marriage equality. Most of the Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google, Uber, and Salesforce have given their support on social media channels throughout the day. Even the White House donned a rainbow resembling the celebration towards the momentous victory.

How to add Rainbow Filter to your Profile Picture?

  • Initially, log into your Facebook Account
  • Just Click this link to use the Celebrate Pride Tool that helps you add a Rainbow Filter to your Profile Picture.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page that displays your Profile picture over a Rainbow Filter.
  • If you wish to add any description, Click on “Edit Description”. (Optional)
  • Just tap on the blue button that shows “Use as Profile Picture”.
  • You have successfully updated your Profile Picture over a Rainbow Filter.

Now, you can also try this new tool, change your Profile Photo by adding a Rainbow Filter and indicate your support towards the Celebration of Victory. Celebrate the Pride!

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