Here we are with another in-depth review of a car jump starter. There are so many options out there in the market and so much of marketing tricks played everywhere that we often end up getting confused on the best pick for us. We are here to solve your problem.

Today we will review on one of the best value for money jump starter package available out there in the market. We tried to bring out the most important factors in front with a hope that it would be sufficient for you to make the right decision.

RAVPower 500A Peak Current Portable Car Jump Starter

Now this is the ideal definition of a value for money jump starter. This is a compact package which includes almost everything that you can expect from a starter pack.

RAVPower 500A Peak Current Portable Car Jump Starter

First let’s look into the technical part. The particular product is going to provide you with 500 peak AMP. This is particularly designed for 12v batteries hence leaving no choice of voltage.

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It can work fine with gasoline engine equivalent or below 5.0 liters. This is the particular product is not designed for the diesel engine.Let’s move onto the other advantage. It comes with 2 USB ports enabling you to charge your phone laptop camera and any other accessories which need charging on the go.

Its powerful 12000 mAh battery can recharge 5 smartphones having the battery on full charge. It is also capable of providing 0 jump starts for your car having the battery with the full charge.Now when it comes to recharging your gadgets and laptops with car jump starter the first thing to hit mind is the safety measures.
How much safe it is for your valuable gadgets and accessories. Now the product has come up with the decent protective measure against voltage fluctuation, overload, and other safety issues.

Next thing which stands it out again within the price category is a led flashlight. Think about getting broke with your car in the middle of the highway. What you can precisely do without a good source of light. Your mobile’s flashlight won’t help and won’t last for long.

Now this is a very good initiative taken by the manufacturer to add on a flashlight with it. It comes in real handy not only during the sticky situations rather in any situation where the use of light becomes the necessity.


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Last but not the least factor to differentiate our product from the rest is the 18-month full replacement warranty. And if anything happens within 30 days into the purchase the manufacturer will simply reimburse you the whole amount. Now that’s a concrete signature of the confidence level of the producer on the product performance.

At the beginning, I mentioned the term value for money for this particular product and now I will justify my point. That’s simply incredibly good pricing for a portable jump starter providing almost everything that you can expect within this price range.

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