Hello Kitty Car Accessories : You Must Have


How can you forget that iconic Red Ribbon?

Keep Calm and Say Hi To Hello Kitty! Yes, today I am here for the people who has the biggest crush on the cutest white little girl with soft and bright heart! She is known as Kitty who is very close to her twin sister Mimmy!

However, lots of hello kitty products invented in the last couple of years. All of them are so delightful and attractive. Still, my daughter can’t sleep without her hello kitty doll. People’s obsessions over Hello Kitty forced the manufacturer to invent something new.

So, they start to produce some Hello Kitty car accessories! And those hello kitty car accessories draw the biggest response from the people all over the world. Today I am here with some best Hello Kitty Car Accessories that can blow your mind within a second. Let’s distinguish, shall we?

Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover

Car Seat covers of Hello Kitty are the most admired car accessories around the world. Lots of people started using those beautiful covers. However, they look stunning and provide the cutest outlook to any car. Let’s have look on the best Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover.

Hello Kitty 18pcs Red+black Winter Comfortable Universal Car Seat Covers Car Steering Wheel Cover


Want to make your child happy? Do you want to surprise your loved one? Consider the Hello Kitty Car seats cover Car Steering Wheel Cover! It is surprisingly amazing to look! However, the cover is made of finest material and it is the universal fit. It ensures health and environment protection too!

Hello Kitty 18pcs Rose Red Winter Warm Women Car Seat Covers Car Steering Wheel Cover


It is the most lovable and colorful Hello Kitty Car Seat and Steering Wheel covers that are waiting to make your journey lovely! The item is very easy to install and wash. It is quite durable and has environment and health protection facilities. Don’t miss the chance to make your car colorful!

BONFORM Hello Kitty Pink Seat Cover 4063-52P


Bonform Hello Kitty Pink Seat Cover is made of 100% durable polyester material. It is very easy to install and wash up. It lasts for so long period of time. If you have true affection for pink color don’t miss the chance to use this beautiful car cover seat!

Hello Kitty Infant Car Seat or Travel System

There are some perfect infant car seats or travel systems available in the market that is designed in Hello Kitty style and color. You can have one of them for your little one! I can ensure you that adjusted perfectly and provide the best performance. Let’s have a look.

Baby Trend Hello Kitty Venture Travel System, Hello Kitty Polka Dot


Baby Trend Hello Kitty Venture Travel System will provide the best comfort to your little one and obviously with style. It has all the safety features included and also has a large and soft head support with energy absorbing foam for advanced side contact shield. The handle is adjustable also the seat has the multi-position reclining system.

Baby Trend Hayden Jogger Travel System, Hello Kitty Polka Dot Floral


Wanna purchase the most adorable travel system for your little one? Consider the Baby Trend Hayden Jogger Travel System, Hello Kitty Polka Dot Floral which looks surprisingly cute and made with quality material. It features lockable front swivel wheel for simple maneuverability and wide shaped rubber handle. The travel system is made of steel frame yet it is very lightweight. It is easily adjustable in your car too. However, it has multi-position padded seat and 5types of safety features.

Hello Kitty Child’s Car Seat 0/1 by Team Tex


This Hello Kitty Child’s Car Seat by Team Tex already blows up my mind with its lovable outlook and waiting to blow yours. It is the most beautiful infant car seat I ever was seen. However, it is very comfortable and ensures all the security you need for your child. The seat is very lightweight yet ensures the superlative quality. Don’t miss the chance to use this little baby!

Other Best Hello Kitty Car Accessories

Except toddler seat or seat cover there are some other outstanding car accessories available in the market. Those Hello Kitty Car accessories are waiting to blow your mind. Have a look!

Hello Kitty Butterfly Pattern Car Wheel Cover


Need to customize your car and make a lovable environment? Here is the Hello Kitty Butterfly Pattern Car Wheel Cover for you. This car wheel cover fits in many models and provides a super cute outlook. It is very easy to clean and it doesn’t fade shrink or fall off. It easy simple to install and disassembly is also easy. Every time you get into your car this staring wheel cover will force you to smile.

Hello Kitty Vinyl Decal Sticker – Hot Pink


Do you want to let the world watch that you love Hello Kitty the most? Well, simply put the Hello Kitty Vinyl Decal Sticker on your car and see the magic. The installation is very easy as proper instruction is provided with the package. It can last up to 7 years in extreme condition.

Chroma 42510 Hello Kitty Head Frame


I am already in love with the Chroma 42510 Hello Kitty Head Frame. I don’t know how can people made such adorable accessories! This frame is made of plastic and yet it is so sturdy that you can ever imagine! It will change the personality of yours that’s for sure! The installation is very simple and it can last for so long period of time.

Chroma 42506 Hello Kitty Pink Bow Face and Diamond Stud Chrome Frame


Meet another best hello kitty car accessory that is known as Chroma 42506 Hello Kitty Pink Bow Face and Diamond Stud Chrome Frame. It is one of the nicest frames ever made! The iconic Hello Kitty face and name are outlined by small shiny studs to provide that cutest look. It is absolutely well made and will last for so long period of time!

Officially Licensed Hello Kitty Floor Mats – Set of 2


If you truly crazy about hello kitty I can ensure that this Hello Kitty floor mate set will blow your mind instantly. It provides the superior protection to your car floor. It has a line of deep draft and perfect for all types of weather. The cleaning is so simple with water and soap. The quality of these mats is incredibly well.

Chroma 001122 Cling Bling ‘Hello Kitty’ Decal


You will be obsessed with the Chroma 001122 Cling Bling Hello Kitty Decal, that I can ensure you. It is made of superior quality Vinyl material and for outdoor use; manufacturer used UV ink on this decal. Cling Bling Decal is weather resistant and it will hold up even if you wash your car.

Final Words

So, those are the best Hello Kitty car accessories I enlisted for you. Have some and customize your car as much as you desire! So, have a nice day! Don’t forget to share your feedback until I come back with some other outstanding car stuff!

“Enjoy the life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come”

Best of Luck!

Car Seat Expiration Date: You Must Know


Does a car seat actually expire? Yes, car seats do expire! Every little thing on this earth expires. Nothing can last forever!

The question is why car seats expire and are there any particular car seat expiration date? Let’s discuss all car seat expiration date. 

How many years can we use our car seat

Generally, a car seat can last six to ten years according to the materials. However, using car seats for at most 6 years is general recommendation. You can find the expiration date printed on almost every car seat including a warning message like “DO NOT USE THIS AFTER”.

cool-car-accessoriesHowever, you can check the user manual, or you can ask the manufacturer for an exact expiration date. Every manufacturer has a particular time limit for car seats. For example:

  • Graco Seats: Grace Seats can be useful for 7 to 10 years. Graco usually prints an expiration date in the bottom of the car seats.
  • Britax Car Seats: Britax car seats, such as Infant car seats, older child car seats, youth car seats usually useful for 6 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Cosco Car Seats: usually a Cosco car seat after 2013 has 8 years of validity and the car seats they made in 2013 or before has 6 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Peg Perego Seats: A Peg Perego seat expires after 5years from the date of manufacture.
  • Evenflo Car Seats: Evenflo car seats run out after 6 years from the date of manufacture. However, Symphony all in one car seat lasts more than 8 years.

Important Note: While buying a car seat consider the date of manufacture, not the date you purchase! Because the date starts when it manufactures not while you purchase!

The expiration date is necessary: It’s another business policy

With the expiration date manufacturer can earn after a particular year, no doubt! But the fact is expiration date is necessary for you too. How? As technologies are changing and updating day by day, so it’s simple, every updated material have more good features and quality than the older version.

If you take the example of the Facebook app, you will understand easily! In the older version of Facebook, there was no live option, or there was no option to post a colorful status, but in the latest version, you will find all those features.

So it is better to be up to date always, as new updates include comfier and safety features. And the quality of modern seats is way better than older versions.

What to do after a car seat expires

Stop using it immediately. Using an expired car seat can be harmful and damaging. After the expiration date, the plastic frame can lose its strength also the screws that connect the seat with the car can lose. So accidents can occur anytime.

Also, you may not be able to find the replacement part you needed. So it is mandatory to change the seat after the expiration date. You can either recycle your old seat or you can dispose it correctly but ensure that nobody is using your expired car seat.

However, if you use your car seat with great care and the condition is good then you can use expire car seat for few more days. But it would be wiser if you change expire car seat as soon as possible.

An As different manufacturer uses different materials so expiration dates vary. However, if you use a car seat with great care, you can use few more date after expiration date. But as safety is the first priority, so it’s better if you change the expired car seat as early as possible.

3 Leather Car Seat Covers, Just Made For Your Sedan

Best Leather Car Seat Covers

Nowadays the use of leather in the car seat covers have become a rule for the manufacturers of car seat covers. It is not only for the demand of the customers but also for the increased efficiency of seat covers. There are so many reasons behind using leather for the car seat covers. For the safety issue, we must need to use the leather. We also need it to look lovely and it will give you an extra texture feeling while using the seat cover

Now it comes with the most important part of the user is too easy cleaning system from the other materials. People sometimes want to apply their choice in their car. They want various kinds of colorful and most importantly comfortable customization for their cars. If you are one of them FH GROUP recently brought 3 amazing Leather Car Seat Covers for you. There three stylish types of leather seat cover you can choose yours. Those have most accurately designed for your Sedan. Longer lasting and smooth feeling have increased its demand in the market.

Best Leather Car Seat Covers

At present, leather car seat covers are very easy to find and I’m not wrong, most of the car enthusiastic people just love leather Car seat covers. We’ve done the legwork and enlisted the top 3 of them. So, let’s check them out.

FH-PU002115 Classic Exquisite Leather Car Seat Covers

FH-PU002115 Classic Exquisite Leather Car Seat Covers


>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

If you love simplicity and believe in quality with comfort, then go for this class looking exotic seat covers and enhance the elegance of your favorite car.

Product Details

  • Brand Name: FH Group
  • Weight: 6.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 11.7 x 7.2 inches
  • Color: Gray & Black
  • Includes 2 front bucket with airbag compatible
  • 1 set rear bench allow 50/50, 60/40 split seats
  • 5 Separate headrest covers
  • Universal application fits almost all seats
  • Durable and gives a classy look to your car
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Protect a nice seat or disguise an old one

FH-PU001115 Classic PU Leather Car Seat Covers

FH-PU001115 Classic PU Leather Car Seat Covers

>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

If you haven’t consider any leather product for your car yet, then you have not seen the world properly. Purchase this pure leather product and make your car interior gorgeous.

Product Details

  • Brand Name: FH Group
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 11.8 x 6.8 inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Velcro opening on the top for easy insert of headrest.
  • Synthetic leather
  • 3mm foam backing
  • Finishing mesh cloth layer
  • Easy to clean & water resistant
  • Come with adjustable straps for easier installation and securer fit.
  • Protects your car seats against spills, dirt and daily wear
  • Two front bucket covers
  • 1 rear bench seat cover
  • 5 separate headrest covers
  • 1 bag of Snaps

FH-PU002115 Classic PU Leather Car Seat Covers, Airbag compatible and Split Bench, Black color

Best Leather Car Seat Covers

>> Check Price and Customer Feedback on Amazon >>

Money doesn’t matter? Then choose this exclusive pack of seat covers and offer your car the look, you’ve cherished for so long. Don’t forget to share how it feels by the way.

Product Details

  • Brand Name: FH Group
  • Weight: 6.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 10 x 6.7 inches
  • Durable and gives a classy look to your car
  • Water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Front side airbag compatible
  • Special stitching technique allows airbag to inflate upon impact
  • Velcro opening on the top for easy installation
  • Back of the front seat is made by durable stretchy corduroy
  • Rear bench covers have three zippers on them
  • Accommodate left and right 40/60 split, 40/20/40 split and 50/50 split.

You should not be late to collect your own according to your choice from those. Customize your car seat in your own style and forget about feeling uncomfortable with the seat. Never forget to give hare your feelings after using it. The production goal will be successful if you become satisfied with the product. So go and get it now.

Thank you.

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Bestop 54131-35 Roughrider Black Diamond under Seat Organizer

Even after being provided with trunk there are few things which need a place within the close vicinity of the driver or the passenger. While driving the car or on the go, we can make a long list of stuff which needs fast and easy access.

Now except the front panel box usually, there’s hardly any place where you can store your belongings and get a quick access. In order to overcome this particular problem the under seat, consoles are invented.

This is basically an organized tray with sufficient space to facilitate your storage and accessibility of the important things. Now like everything else there are a lot of variants available in the market.

In the following article, we have picked the best 3 in the marketplace based on the popularity level and price. This would come to a great help picking the best solution for your ‘close to the hand’ storage problem.
Bestop 54131-35 Roughrider Black Diamond under Seat Organizer

Bestop 54131-35 Roughrider Black Diamond under Seat Organizer

If you have set out with a low budget to fulfill your requirement then this could be your potential option in hand. This particular under seat console is brought to you by Bestop, a prominent Chinese car accessory producer. It came in back in 2012. Since then it made it place in the shortlist of consumers.

This particular product comes with a price of just 32 USD which is the lowest threshold in the market. You simply can go below it if you don’t want to sacrifice on quality and user experience. It has a popularity rating of 4.5/5 on amazon. It has quite strong positive remarks from its consumer.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Before installing it in your car, you must check whether it fits or not. It comes with a size of 16 inches by 13 inches. You don’t have to worry about the fitting unless you are using an extremely lousy car.

Let’s go into the product feature a bit. The bag is made of fabrics and plastic and is designed in a way to fit perfectly under the driver’s seat or back seat. There are partitions inside to differentiate the things you have kept there. It also comes handy to maximum utilization of space. There are two side pockets for greater accessibility.

The chain and other materials used on the product are sustainable and can go on for years without giving you any trouble. It is made with mildew and UV resistant soft top fabric for tough-as-nails durability in any climate. Its marine-grade thread prevents seams from splitting.

It is easy to install and can be removed as desired. The manufacturer doesn’t provide any warranty for the product. If anything happens before the delivery or if a customer receives a faulty product in that case there’s provision for a replacement but in the case of personal damage the company is not going to take any liability regarding the replacement or fixing.

Husky Liners 09281 Black under Seat Storage Box (Gearbox Storage System)

If you want to spend a bit more on the under seat console and want something which matches your car interior other than using baglike storage then this should be a fair option for you. This particular model is brought in by husky liners. A USA based car accessory manufacturer. It is quite latest in the market. Came in June 2015 and escalated quickly to the top position within no time.

Husky liners storage gearbox system

Currently, it ranks within the top 5 of the relevant product category. Apart from the rankings derived by technical evaluation, it has a strong positive customer feedback as well. Currently, it holds a staggering 4.9/5 points on customer popularity scale.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Leaping to the top like that within a span of 6 months denotes a lot about the capacity of the product. It’s a visible specimen of product’s performance limit and also indicates the customer satisfaction level it has generated.

This is a bit heavier than the previous model we have discussed. It comes with a weight off 11 pounds. It is more spacious as well to even the weight. It is 10.5 inch by 16.5 inches by 59.5 inch in diameter which is quite big and should be sufficient to meet your requirement.

Before installing make sure it fits perfectly in your car because in most case size becomes the main obstacle to refrain from a purchase action. Now unlike the other brand, it provides lifetime guarantee for its product.

The husky gearbox is perfect for storing loose items, reducing clutter and keeping your vehicle looking clean and organized. This unique storage system is engineered to specifically fit under your vehicle’s rear seats.

This particular model is one of the high ends in the market so the price is also a bit above. It comes with price tag of 165 USD which is I will not say most expensive but a pay more and get more kind of deal. If you have a fancy car and you don’t want to compromise on the interior look and facility then you can obviously go for it.

IPCW BB101 Dark Pewter Front Jumper Seat Center Console Lid

Here is a product which falls between the prices ranges of the above-mentioned product. If you have neither targeted the most expensive nor the least expensive and want to stay somewhere in the middle then it can a perfect solution for you.

IPCW BB101 Dark Pewter Front Jumper Seat

This particular brand is brought to you by IPWC, a Taiwanese car accessory manufacturing brand. It hit the market back in 2012 and gradually moved to the upper section. It has an impressive customer feedback along with a fair enough technical rating. This particular product is priced at 108 USD making it one of the best value for money product in the market.

>> Check Price and Customer feedback on Amazon >>

Apart from providing better space management facility, it is also offering its customer some different colors. Colors can be vitals sometimes especially if you are keen to match it with the rest of your interior. It comes in gray, charcoal and graphite. 3 standard color to fit a majority of the vehicle. It weighs much less than the previous model.

Bestop 54131-35 Roughrider Black Diamond under Seat Organizer has a diameter of 20 inches by 13 inches by 5 inch which comes with a weight of just 4.5 pounds. It is designed to be fit in most of the regular cars on the street.

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Car Seat Buying Guide

We normally buy a car seat for the infants. There is another reason for buying a car seat and that is performance. Race and car enthusiasts especially buy the customized seats which come with a reduced weight to boost the acceleration as well as comfort and protection.

Nowhere in this article, we will explain the factors which you need to keep in consideration while buying a seat for your baby. There are ranges of baby seat available in the market with different offerings and price.

Now in order to best match the offering with the price you should better go through the article.

some important things you should look for a seat cover 


Everyone knows why this is important. Material plays a vital role ensuring safety and comfort. Make sure the frame is built with reinforced steel and the seat design ensures the side protection. When it comes to comfort you have actually a lot of things to consider. There are a lot of offering in the market regarding comfort you can easily get confused with.

Make sure the foams are soft enough for the baby to feel comfortable. Nowadays the high-end brands are offering foam which can absorb high energy. This is done considering the accident issues so that babies get the maximum safety during an accident.

Another thing to look into is the fabrics. Now there are children who are allergic to the different type of fabrics. Then again some fabrics are by default very soft and comfortable in all weather and some are weather oriented.

Like comfortable during winter but uncomfortable during summer. Ou needs to pick the right fabric which suits your kid.

Weight and installation hassle:

Now there are baby seats coming with different weights and with different level of setup hassle associated with it. You might face setup hassle, especially with the low-end products. Most of the high-end products provide easy installation and reduced weight.

Reduced weight is necessary for the parents who uses multiple cars. Now it is not feasible to buy one seat for every car and while changing seat from one car to another, the reduced weight and easy installation feature becomes real handy.

Another application of the particular features is easy installation while travelling by air.


Other features:

While picking up a baby seat, you must consider the amount of weight it can take. Most of the time the baby seat is bought for a prolonged usage. So the weight taking capacity must be future proof as well.

Some of the high-end brands are providing even up to 60 kg carrying capacity.Number and type of handle cup coming with the product are another things to look into. Normally seats come with one handle cup but for greater convenience two is always better.

Lastly, you must check whether the arm rests hard to rest and neck rest are properly adjustable or not and whether it can position the arm body and neck of your baby perfectly.

So if you consider all these factors and use your common sense a bit you can definitely end up buying the best value for money product.

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