I-Max 4.3″ Car Rearview Mirror Monitor

I always love the offer 2 in 1. It feels like getting more for less. Most of the people like that. I-Max 4.3″ Car Rearview Mirror Monitor is one of them. This single device provides more benefits than anything else.

Why should you buy I-Max 4.3″ Car Rearview Mirror Monitor?

Because you basically need I-Max 4.3″ Car Rearview Mirror Monitor. Its product qualities will satisfy your all needs while driving a car. 4.3” monitor comes with the special waterproof camera. It will assist you while driving by recording important stuff for your safety.01111-horz

These recording will help you in insurance fraud or police corruption in case any accidents occur. Plus it’s a media player. So no chance of getting bored while driving a car. It can play all format songs and videos. Mirror and normal display images are easily switchable. You can use front camera or the back camera as parking assist.

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It also projects the distance scale on the monitor while parking. Even the camera works perfectly at night. And the monitor reflects a perfect image of the night while driving. As the package includes two parts. One is I-Max 4.3″ monitor.

Let’s take a quick look at monitor 4.3″ specifications.


  • Base function: 4.3inch TFT-LCD touch screen
  • Rear-view LCD monitor
  • Hand Free Bluetooth speaker MP3/MP4 player
  • SD card reader Innovative stylish concept and design for safe drive
  • Better LCD visibility and heat protection due to its special 16:9 Wide LCD monitor
  • touch screen
  • 480*RGB*272Built-in Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Video input monitor for rear view camera
  • SD/MMC card expansion slot Built-in GPS antenna
  • SIRF GPS high-sensitivity receiver Built-in speaker NAVIGATION Real-time navigation
  • Mobile Navigator displays street-level preview
  • all major intersections and interested entrances and exits;
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn directions;
  • Easy-to-operate menu with starting 2D and 3D maps;
  • Easy-to-read map view that adapts to your needs.

Main features:

  • Operating system: Microsoft window CE 6.0.
  • 3 Inch ultra-high brightness display with a resolution of 480*272 pixels.
  • Built-in speaker, volume adjustable.
  • Automatic fade-out hotkeys and touch-screen operation.
  • Built- insensitive GPS antenna.
  • Navigation software could run the SD card directly.
  • Backup camera display and adjustable guideline.
  • Automatically brightness adjustment.

Camera Specifications:

  • Image device: 1/4-inch color vc0702
  • TV system: NTSC
  • Resolution: 480 TV lines
  • Electric Shutter: NTSC :720Lines.25Field/sec
  • Effective pixels: NTSC: 720X 480
  • Minimum illumination: 0.3Lux
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • S/N ratio: >48dB
  • Video output: RCA connector, 1.0vp-p, 75ohm
  • Current consumption: ≤120mA
  • Power supply: DC8V-12V
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 65 degrees centigrade
  • Storage temperature: -35 to 70 degrees centigrade
  • Other items: automatic white balance also AGC and BLC
  • Water-proof: IP68 standard

These are all features that I-Max 4.3″ Car Rearview Mirror Monitor provides. Imax is renewed brand in US car market.

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You can rely on them. They have good customer service center. If anything goes wrong while installing or if you have any queries you can directly call to their customer service center. Finally, the decision is yours. Choose according to your need.


Car Dash Camera Review

A car back up camera is a particular camera placed at the rear of the vehicle and attached to a display placed on the dashboard or anywhere in the front panel. The main purpose of having one on your car is to avoid a collision while reversing or parking your vehicle.

The design of a backup camera is distinct from other cameras in that the image is horizontally flipped so that the output is a mirror image. This is necessary because the camera and the driver face opposite directions, and without it, the camera’s right would be on the driver’s left and vice versa

Now everyone is pretty much familiar with it, as it is a very old concept which facilitates you’re driving. Now there is a wide variation of the camera in the market enough to make you confused to pick the right one for you. So it would be always wise to go through some reviews to grab the best value for money deal for your car.

Following are the reviews on some most prospective car backup cameras which we have come across.

RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD (Black)

This one comes with a 7.0 inch LCD display so if you don’t have any on your car it will fill up the blank. The camera is weather proof infra-red. The 18 infra-red light would give you a clear vision up to 50 feet even in the darkest night. The back camera has an IP 68 rating which is a sign of a guarantee on their claim of weather proof.

Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Video Camera with 7.0-Inch LCD

The whole package comes with a 20-meter cable with aircraft grade connection and all the other component necessary for installation.

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The camera itself is made of heavy duty zinc metal for encasing the 2.1 mm sharp lens. It has a viewing angle of 130 degrees and 480 TV lines, which means you get the best quality image with no blind spots.

The display has a resolution of 480P and comes with built-in speaker and with a remote for a better controllability.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera with Night Vision:

This is a beast. It offers almost everything that you can expect from a camera. It comes with an 8MP camera which can capture image and record video at 720P with audio. It has used passive infra-red motion sensor which enables you to see up to 60 with a clear view. It gives you the opportunity to get the clearest image and a 32GB memory card to save them.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Trail Camera with Night Vision

Another attractive feature of this camera is its night vision capability. It has 32 LEDs which function as a powerful flash giving you a reach of 60 feet of visibility during darkest of the night. Field Scan 2x allows the set-up of two windows of image capture without requiring the normal movement trigger. The picture shows date time and temperature.

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The camera can be set to operate during the day or night only, or 24 hours (equipped with day/night auto sensor). Also, Field Scan time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals. The camera will take photos or video clips automatically at your choice of intervals, without requiring the normal movement trigger. Field Scan 2x allows the user to set-up two windows of image capture, useful for capturing time-lapse at dusk and dawn.

It comes in a camouflaged outlook which gives you the provision to hide the camera or make it look like there’s nothing at the back. This is particularly important when the camera design doesn’t go well along with your car. This is another best-rated product on amazon.

Genius DVR-HD 500D Digital Video HD Recorder for Vehicle, Dash Camera with Dual Lens for Both Front and Back:

This is another product to look at. This particular product comes with front facing and back facing camera enabling you to get both the view. It comes with a 2.7-inch display which you can either set on the dashboard with suction cup or on top of the windshield with adhesive tape. It gives you a little liberty on a customized display setup.

Genius DVR-HD 500D Digital Video HD Recorder for Vehicle

The camera has a 130-degree rotation capacity which provides you with widest of angle for the viewing purpose. One of the main problems with these cameras especially the one which doesn’t come with a night vision is the performance lag in low light. As it doesn’t come with night vision the manufacturer has installed a built-in IR light making it capable of providing the best image in low light settings.

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The camera can record at 720P at 30FPS. It doesn’t come with an SD card so you have to buy one for elongated video duration. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

I-Max 4.3″ Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

This is another hot deal. It comes with 4.3″ High-Definition LCD Anti-Glare Mirror Monitor with Auto-adjusting brightness. It has a Compact design with touch button on the right of screen, original factory style look, Smaller than the usual mirror and suitable for small cars.

I-Max 4.3" Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

It does not occupy too much space and broaden the driver’s sight, easy to operate and safe to driving.
It has got Two Video Inputs and Easy to install, factory looks and quality, original feel bracket for most cars, especially perfect fit for the smaller cars.

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Pyle PLCM7500 Car Vehicle Backup Camera & Monitor:

This is one the most wished product on amazon. And the product actually has the charm to become the wish object of so many people. This is an awesome video monitor/backup camera kit from Pyle. The kit includes a waterproof, low-light-vision equipped, universal mount color rear view camera and suction cup mount screen for the inside of your car. The camera outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack – even in the relatively low light.

I-Max 4.3" Built-in Monitor Car Rear View

The 7″ LCD monitor detects when you back up and shows the camera on screen. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having an extra eye.

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It’s also equipped with a distance line mode to show you how far away you are from other objects in the camera’s viewfinder. And with two video inputs, you can even use the monitor to watch DVDs or video from any other source that outputs composite video. Includes video and power cables, wireless remote control for the monitor, and instructions for mounting.

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