Adolescent girls are more possessive about their looks. Matured breasts, flat tummy, perfect buttocks, and thick thighs… what more they want???

Tight vagina!!!

Yups!!! Teenage girls are showing interest in the vaginal tightening through cosmetic surgeries. It’s such a huge in number that the American College of Obstetricians and the Gynecologists has to issue a guideline for the doctor about its impact on the teenage society.

What is this vaginal tightening?

It is the rejuvenation of the vagina, mainly for the older women or the women who have given birth for shaping it. It is all about tightening the inner and the outer muscles of the vagina, thus providing pain-free sex and a better pleasure.

Why such a sudden change in the mentality of the teenage girls about sex

But what is the need for the procedure in teenage girls? Their vagina is still tight and what else they need?

It’s the main point which every doctor are asking too.

But a study has shown that teens are more interested in the looks rather than the need. They often Google images of the vulva and sees the airbrushed images. But the practicality is different. None of the images are original and is not possible too.  According to the guidelines, the surgery of the labia or the labiaplasty is not at all accepted for the teens. They have not yet completed the development period still that age. Besides the known facts there are many unknown facts too.

According to the doctors, a vagina is a place where there are lots of nerve endings. These are the point for sexual sensation. Any damage to these nerve endings can cause diminishes sexual affinity and numbness or pain during sex. So in the hope of getting a better result, vaginal tightening in teenage time gets right the opposite. So often the doctors are unwilling to undergo the vaginal tightening procedure among the teenagers.

There are other safe ways to help out your vagina

Now we will come to the alternative of the cosmetic surgery procedures.

Let us first clear out one thing. What is a perfect vagina?

There is no particular definition of a perfect vagina. Obviously, they are not the same in every woman. They vary from one to another. So you cannot tell why mine is like this? They differ in size and shape.

Now we will be concentrating on the alternatives of the surgery.

Ladies can make use of creams and ointments that help in chafing. They can be applied before doing any exercise or even sex. Thus even a pressure on the portion will not make the muscle loosens. Besides, there are particular under wears which can support the vagina and let the not hang loosely. They keep them tight in position.

Instead of thinking of the surgical process, these are much safer options, opt for these and surely you will get a bit of help. Though they may take a longer period of time, yet they will not dishearten you at all. At least you will not have the side effects of the surgery which are long-lasting. Look at the online stores to find out the best products for such purpose.

How to increase breast size naturally at home fast? Here is the List of Foods to Increase Breast size of the Women. Bosoms are viewed as a basic piece of a human body which additionally adds to a lady’s delight. Certain measures have been set by the general public that the span of the bosom really decides the excellence, style, and appeal of a lady. Be that as it may, the span of the bosom of a lady differs from individual to individual, some have little size while the rest have medium to huge.

What role does a parent play in their daughter’s adolescent period?

We will now come to the parents especially the mothers of the teenage girls. Yes, they have to play a very vital role to shape up their notion.

Being a mother to the adolescent girl, it is very hard to hear that thing out from your daughter. Yes, it’s sound very awkward. May it’s your time to think about the surgery, but not your daughter!!!

Or maybe she does not feel in asking you and directly goes to the surgery clinic!!!

So what should you do to let her understand?

Firstly a mother should become a friend to her daughter when she is approaching the adolescent period. You must share about the sex life and let her understand that all women are beautiful and sexy in their own way. Let them belief and their specialty lies in being different from others and not being the same. Studies have shown that a mother can help their daughter to come out of the insecure feeling about their sex life.

Teach her about the self-acceptance. But please don’t do it suddenly. Start the process well before your daughters come to know about this. Tell them about the risks that they would be having after the surgery.

At last, we should only tell “beware”

So we have come to the last part of the article…

Our society has been changing with the time. Children are getting much more matured before their ages do them so. They are bringing in much more to them rather what is needed.

Girls particularly should take proper care of themselves. They should not take steps which can be the wrong decision and can affect the adulthood. It’s the adolescent. So parents should also be concerned. Take good care of your daughters and let them help to overcome any issue about the sexual life.

Alarming Rise In The Number Of Teenage Girls Interested In Vaginal Tightening
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