7 Cool Interior Car Accessories, You Need Right Now

If you already have a car and you want to spice it up a little bit, why not buy interior accessories! These decorations may seem unnecessary and useless, but you will find these 7 Cool Interior Car Accessories to make it feel necessary.

7 Best Cool Interior Car Accessories in 2016

  1. HUD (Heads Up display)

If you have already watched the Iron Man movie or read the comics, you must really feel the need to have your own Jarvis or a display that almost touches that future technology. HUD is the thing for you guys. It’s almost holographic but actually it is not.


The HUD lets you see your odometer on your windshield, gives you the advantage of not looking down on your dashboard to see your speed. You can also attach your phone via Bluetooth and projectile the directions on your windshield.

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  1. Apple Carplay

Going on a road trip? Or just feeling like listening to music on your car’s sound system? Apple Carplay is the must have thing right now. Don’t use old techs and push a CD in to play songs! Integrate this system to play with your iPod or iPhone.

Apple Carplay

You can make calls, get directions and receive messages on your built in display. Or you can play your songs just by plugging in your iPod.
BlueStacks App Player
It has touch on the display and buttons on your steering. You can voice command it via siri as hands free. You may feel like talking to a female Jarvis.

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  1. Android Auto System
    If you are in the car with your favorite OS operated phone, Android, get an android auto system instead of apples carplay.

Android Auto System

Maps, apps, songs, voice commands, messages and calls! It features google now and google maps! Don’t miss out on anything! Android is the next skynet, get it?

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  1. Dashcam

Get a dashcam if you don’t want an insurance fraud case or video tape a viral video and spread it on youtube.


Dashcams are there to record all throughout your drive. A suction cup holds it up on the ceiling of your car. Or there is another idea, turn it around and sing a song with your friends and tape it to make memories!

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  1. Radar Detector
    Radar detectors are the things that will get you to forget about getting speeding tickets! Buy one right away and save yourself from all those speeding tickets.

Radar Detector
garageband for android
Radar detectors detects police radios when they are near. So if you are near any police cars or patrols, you can slow down and save yourself a speeding ticket. They are cheap and trending!

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  1. Infrared Thermometer
    What is an infrared thermometer you ask? You can find hotspots on your tire with it, measure your engine and break temperature without touching it and burning your hands.

Infrared Thermometer

It’s a handheld device and very portable. So technically it’s not an interior accessory but definitely a one worth placing it inside your car.

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  1. Seatbelt Cutter and Window Punch Breaker

Safety is everything. So on the top of the list is the seatbelt cutter and window breaker. It’s a hammer that is used for emergency rescue and disaster escape.

Seatbelt Cutter and Window Punch Breaker

A double-headed tool. On one side there is a hammer like blunt strong steel plated metal and on the other side there is a blade. The name says everything. On emergencies you can cut yourself out of the seatbelt and smash the window to get out if you are trapped.

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If these items don’t interest you, then most probably you are not looking for something to make your car beautiful. These items are the coolest and most trending ones out there in the market. So when you are out shopping, don’t forget to pick them up and make your friends jealous with all these gadgets! Happy shopping and drive safely out there!

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