8 Tips For Hybrid Car Maintenance – You Must Know!

Your regular cars are different than hybrid cars. If you own a hybrid car, your maintenance style should be a little different than them. More care means longer life. For your ultimate car maintenance, here’s a checklist “Tips For Hybrid Car Maintenance” that you need to go through in order to keep it running. You need to understand every tips in order to take good care for your hybrid car.

Tips For Hybrid Car Maintenance

Here are 8 Tips for Hybrid Car Maintenance

1. Pressure of your tire – top tips for hybrid car maintenance:

For better performance you need to make sure you have optimum pressure in your tires. To increase your tire life, you need to make sure all your breaking mechanism is in place and screwed in perfectly. Alignment difference will cause your tire to lose its life.

2. Waking your battery:

You should already know by now that your battery should woke up regularly during a winter season or a cold day. Check it daily in order for a smooth drive. You need to make sure it fully charged and the water levels are in place.

You should also remember to make sure they are connecting properly and the acid in it should be checked. The hybrid cars have batteries that make it run more than 2 lac kilometers and you should know that they are costly. So better take care of it and hinder the purchase of a new battery.

3. Take care of your electric motor brushes:

Every hybrid car has an electric motor system and the brushes in it have a habit of going wear and tear. They need to be checked and replaced every 85000 to 1 lac kilometers or when it’s required.

4. Braking system – Another great tips for hybrid car maintenance:

Braking is the single most important thing after speed. The brake shoes and clips are going to get damage over time. You need to take care of it after every 20000 kilometers because it’s the standard period of time. Get it replacing or repairing necessarily.

5. Transmission system:

Transmissions need oil and it’s needed to be checked if you need to pour down more transmission oil and check for leakages. After every 40000 kms, you need to check if it needs oil or replaced.

6. Check engine oil:

The engine of a hybrid car is conventional and you need to check for external leakages. Change the engine oil after every 10000 kms and pour in the same grade as recommended.

7. Liquid levels:

There are a lot of different liquids in your hybrid cars engine and mechanism. You need to check coolant level, all the oil levels, brake and clutch oil as suggested in the manual.

8. Save for the operating cost:

The cost of hybrid car’s fuel is lower than gas cars. Initially you need to spend some but in the long run you are saving on driving.

Hybrid cars are one of a kind and they need to be taken care of seriously. Maintaining a hybrid car may sound hard but it’s actually easy and the cost is low. Drive safely!


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