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It doesn’t matter that you park the vehicle in a garage, you can’t protect it from damaging of dust, or scratches. Car covers used to keep the vehicle secure from snow, rain, dust, scratches, debris and so many other harmful elements. The importance of having the best car cover for your car, truck, or SUV is beyond description.

Best Car Cover

Car covers work like a shield. It is actually a protector of the vehicle not only from dust but also from other external elements as well. For example, during snow, it will keep the vehicle protected from direct contact with the snow. Or take the example of a rainy day if you wish. They are made to keep your vehicle protected from all weather.

There are a variety of car covers available in the market to choose from. So, it is OK to get confused while purchasing as there are so many of them. But not all the products in the market value for the money.

7 Best Car Cover Reviews of 2020

Here in this article, we have discussed the top-rated covers for cars available in the market when it comes to service and value for money. Scroll down to have a look at them:

1) Classic Accessories 10-010-051001-00 Over Drive Poly Pro I Car Cover

Classic Accessories 10-010-051001-00 Over Drive Poly Pro I Car Cover

I have a fascination with Classic Accessories products. Why not? They are the best car accessories manufacturer in the industry. This Classic Accessories Full-Size Car Cover is made to protect your vehicle from all those harmful elements including dirt, water, sunray, scratches, and much more.

Therefore, it is suitable for a variety of vehicles including Hatchbacks, Crossover, and Sedans.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Classic Accessories
  • Dimensions: 209 x 73.5 x 45 inches
  • Color: Gray, Light Blue
  • Material: Water-Resistant fabric
  • Soft PolyPRO fabric that never scratches the painting
  • Elasticized bottom hem for a custom fit
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor.

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2) Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover UV Protection

Leader Accessories Universal Fit Car Cover UV Protection

For extreme weather guard in the critical environment, the Leader Accessories Car Cover is the ideal choice. It is a 3-layer cover made of the highest quality fabric. So, it will last years without any issue. The fabric of this cover is waterproof. Also, it will protect the vehicle from any industrial pollution, dirt, dust, harmful UV rays, and bird droppings.

If you live in an area where rain is a common issue, you don’t have to worry at all with this one. Also, it features ultrasonic seams technology that keeps the vehicle dry even during heavy rains. This technology actually made it one of the best outdoor car covers from other traditional models.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Leader Accessories
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 8.7 x 12 inches
  • Color: Multiple layer options
  • Material: biodegradable material with air hole
  • Breathable materials improve the airflow
  • Prevent mold and mildew
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Windproof bottom straps and buckle
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor usage

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3) Budge Lite Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 170 inches

Budge Lite Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 170 inches

This Budge Lite is the best car cover for the money in our review list. It constructed from a single layer of polypropylene. It protects against so many harmful elements like dirt, sun, and bird droppings. Moreover, the cover is lightweight and super simple to use.

The material is also breathable for preventing mold and mildew while the vehicle is undercover. It will be the perfect choice as an indoor car cover, but you can use it outdoor occasionally.

It comes in two different colors with a variety of sizes to choose from. You can use it in Mazda Miata, Honda accords, BMW, Honda civics, dodge challengers, Toyota Camrys, and more. The Cover also comes in a storage bag and antenna patch.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Budge
  • Dimensions: 18.4 x 15.4 x 14.7 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: ultrasonic cloth
  • Non-abrasive materials for a scratch-free operation
  • Elasticized hem to fit tightly
  • Also comes with a storage bag

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4) Classic Accessories 10-014-261001-00 Over Drive Poly Pro III Car Cover

Classic Accessories 10-014-261001-00 Over Drive Poly Pro III Car Cover

The Classic Accessories 10-014-261001 Full-Size Sedan Cover should be ideal for you if you are looking for durability. It comes with triple-layer fabric construction that resists dirt and repels rain-water and snow as well. That’s why we recommend this one as the best waterproof car cover for you.

It also offers superior protection against dirt, UV rays, pollution, and scratches. The cover fits Hatchbacks, Crossovers, Sedan, SUVs Jeeps, and similar vehicles. For easy access, it also has a zippered driver side door included and for the custom fit, it has elasticized bottom hem. Great for outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Classic Accessories
  • Dimensions: 209 x 73.5 x 45 inches
  • Color: multiple colors available
  • Material: water-repellent fabric
  • Rugged PolyPRO 3 stage Fabric won’t scratch the paint
  • Also ensures heavy-duty protection for all-weather condition

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5) OxGord Signature Car Cover – Water Resistant 7 Layers

OxGord Signature Car Cover - Water Resistant 7 Layers

OxGord Signature Car Cover comes with drawstrings and rear elastic hems for both front and rear. It is made of 5 layers of water-resistant fabric: 3 of polypropylene spunbond, 1 of micro-porous film, and another layer of fleece. So, it ensures the highest protection for your vehicle.

It features great breathability to keep the vehicle dry when raining outdoor. The cover is highly waterproof and UV protected as well. It also includes a storage bag to keep the cover safe while not in use. The tie-down security grommets for thief, wind, and lock protection service.

Key Features

  • Brand name: OxGord
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 7 inches
  • Material: waterproof ultrasonic cloth
  • Fits up to 229″
  • Semi Glove Fit designed to fit perfectly your vehicles
  • The Ready-Fit covers ensure 7 levels of protection

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6) Coverking UVCTFLSI98 Universal Fit Outdoor Cover

Coverking UVCTFLSI98 Universal Fit Outdoor Cover

Looking for the best car cover for outdoor? The Coverking UVCTFLSI98 Universal Fit Cover is made from three layers of amazing quality materials. It is suitable for a full-size truck. The durable UV protected polypropylene materials ensure superior breath-ability. This is a cover that can withstand light outdoor weather conditions. But for indoor usages, it is also amazing.

Though it has multiple layers yet it is breathable and light with high water-resistant ability. So, the protector will never harm the exterior of your vehicle, that’s for sure. The elasticized bottom hem ensures a quick fit to the vehicle. It also includes theft protection security grommets.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Coverking
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 14.9 x 12.6 inches
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: waterproof ultrasonic cloth
  • It repels any moisture outside
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor usage

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7) Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season (Waterproof and Weatherproof Car Cover)

Motor Trend 4-Layer 4-Season (Waterproof and Weatherproof Car Cover)

The Motor Trend is here to blow your mind. This is the best outdoor car cover for all-weather protection. With this one, your vehicle can stay protected from rain, storm, UV rays, tree sap, and even bird bombs. The fabric is strong and breathable to make the cover durable and long-lasting.

It also fights against mildew and corrosion. No matter how crazy the wind is, this cover will stay in the position to save your vehicle. Therefore, this one is heat resistant with a paint-safe inner layer.

Key Features

  • Brand name: Motor Trend
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.3 x 8.1 inches
  • Material: woven polyester and more
  • Universal fit, highly water-resistant, scratch-proof car cover
  • Protect your vehicle from both in and outside

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Benefits of Car Covers – Why should You Get One?

You should ask yourself that, why need a car cover? Well, the answer is only for protection. You invested a lot in your vehicles like a truck or SUV. But, is it secured while parked indoor or outdoor? Let’s see how a cover protects your vehicle:

Dent and Scratches:

Who would love to experience the first dent on his/her brand new vehicle? But it can be happened by someone accidentally. A car cover can be the true savior on that occasion. There are also a few hazardous elements you should consider while parking your vehicle without a cover.

benefits of car covers


Dust is everywhere! So, it’s doesn’t matter you parked your SUV indoor or outdoor. Dust can damage your paint and offer you scratches shortly. But, both the indoor and outdoor car cover fabrics designed to keep the dust away from the vehicle.

Under a tree:

Under a tree, the best shady place to park your car. Anyway, there are also few things like berries, sap, and pollen that can drop on your truck, or SUV anytime. So, putting them under the best outdoor car cover can protect your huge investment right away. Also, you never have to think about the awkward bird droppings!

UV rays:

The harmful UV rays from the sun also damage your vehicle. But, using a car cover can protect the scorching heat of the sun and keep your vehicle cool! You should consider the best car cover for extreme sun then.

Theft protection:

If you judge like the thieves, imagine a covered and an uncovered vehicle. I am sure; you will steal the one without wrapping. Now, assume like yourself and add a cable lock to protect your cover.

Water and Snow:

It designed most of the car covers with waterproof materials. So, you don’t have to think about rain and snow again. The best waterproof car covers are there to protect your precious vehicle from rain and snow.

The breathable mesh materials help to improve the air-flow and reduces condensation. Thus, it prevents the growth of mold and mildew while the car is undercover.

Nothing can be the best solution to protect your huge investment than a protection cover for the vehicle. Only the thing you have to consider the quality and price. We made the list after considering these matters. So, go for the one you need right away.

What are the Different Car Covers Types?

Not all of them provide the same protection for your vehicle. It depends on the types below:


Indoor car covers designed to protect the vehicle from dust, scratch, water, and dirt only. If you parked your vehicle into a garage, then it required the lowest level of protection. Likewise, you need not protect it from bad outdoor weather conditions like sun, UV rays, snow, bird droppings, and so on.


It only required when you have to park your SUV, or truck outdoor. So, the protection level should be higher than expectations. Now, your vehicle should stand up to storm, sun, snow, and debris. A good quality outdoor car cover helps to protect all weather like harmful UV, sun, snow, wind, bird droppings, thieves, and more.

The materials are durable, multi-layered, and highly water-resistant. They also equipped with theft protection security grommets and bottom strap systems to stay over your vehicle during the heavy wind. Therefore, the covers can be used on both occasions indoor/outdoor.

What Things to consider?

Before purchasing the best car cover, you must consider the following things to secure your investment.


Be aware to measure your vehicle before purchasing any cover for it. Otherwise, the cover will not fit perfectly your vehicle, and the result will be zero protection like before. You may go for the universal fit car covers on that occasion you did not measure it correctly.


Think twice about your usage. If you never park your SUV, or truck under the sky, then go for the indoor car covers. It is better to purchase a cover perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.


If you are a traveler, then never invest in a huge weight one instead of buying a lightweight and durable one. So that can fit in your backpack easily. It doesn’t mean that you go for a low-quality car cover. There are so many lightweight and durable models for outdoor use.


The good quality car covers made of multi-layer fabrics to protect the inner and outer sides. The most common materials are polypropylene, aluminum, polyester, and cotton.

How to install a car Cover?

There is no certain way to do it yourself. Put it over the vehicle, and now gradually cover the roof, windows, trunk, and bonnet. If the cover equipped slots for the side view mirror, then cover your mirrors first to put the rest right away. Remember to read the user guide provided by the manufacturer first, to do it easier.

Don’t ask how to remove it now; do it reverse to remove the cover over the vehicle. You are ready to move on.

When should we wash a car cover?

You should wash when it is full of dirt, dust, debris, mud, bird droppings, and so on. It required simple cleaning methods with a garden hose/hand sponge and detergent mixer. Again, remember to read the user guide before washing the cover. Never wash the cover often, so it can damage the materials.


There is always too much to worry about all the time with everything going around us. Work, schools, kids, finance, savings, house, rents, loans so many things. Let this article help you with removing at least one worry of yours which is to select the Best Car Cover. Before making the purchase decision, remember a couple of things.

All of them are not a universal fit. Check the size of the cover before purchasing it which fits your vehicle. Also, take into consideration where you usually park your vehicle every day (indoor or outdoor).

The environmental condition of that particular parking place might impact your selecting decision of a car cover for your vehicle.

Keep reading if interested, we also featured: RV covers, RV tire covers.

Have safe driving always.

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