Best RV Covers Reviews of 2021| For Bad Weather & Winter

Are you an RV owner and looking for a safe storage option when they are not in use? It’s required proper maintenance of your Motor home, even it placed in your garage. Therefore, you may not have a large garage to store your RV.

So, how to protect your RV from dust, rain, snow, UV, scratch, or so on? There appeared the best RV covers for providing your trailer the required protection.

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All you need to take care of your travel trailer by providing the highest protection so it can last for a much longer time. An RV cover can provide that level of protection for a little investment comparatively.

Is it better to cover your RV in winter or not?

RV covers are essential for keeping the most quality of your travel trailer, especially in the winter. They protect the snow, UV rays, water, insects, leaves, and dust to directly fall on your RV. I must say it is better to cover your camper for its longevity.

However, travel trailer covers made with different materials and available in various types. Before you make a purchase, it is essential to know all the types, so you can understand which one works great for your needs.

By reading through this article, you will find the 11 top-rated RV covers reviews of 2021. We also added a guide later for your betterment.

Top 11 Best RV Covers Reviews of 2021

#1 Classic Accessories PermaPRO Lightweight Ripstop Cover

Classic Accessories is one of the reputed brands of RV covers available in the market. OverDrive PermaPro is one of their quality additions since it is an all-season travel trailer cover. It is an excellent RV cover for sun and winter that withstands all weather effects and dirt.

Classic Accessories PermaPRO Lightweight Ripstop Cover

Reasons to Pick

Complete Protection: The design comes with an air vent system, which combines with quick-drying PermaPRO fabric. It reduces wind stress and vent inside moisture. The design repels water and protects your RV against dirt and sun damages.

Inhibits Rips And Tears: The heavy-duty cover equipped with lightweight PermaPRO ripstop fabric. It provides maximum strength and withstands harsh conditions.

Compatibility: It fits travel trailers with 27 feet to 30 feet in length. It is 118” high from ground to roof, which ensures complete protection from the outdoor conditions.

Custom Fit: It includes adjustable front and rear tension panels for securing the front and back section. The cover has three hem corners which deliver a custom fit.

Besides, it features integrated strap attachments and a weighted toss bag system. It eliminates crawling under travel trailers to install tension straps. Also, its tension panels reduce cover stress while tightening the straps. These straps completely lock the RV.

Easy Accessibility: It also features a zippered panel that allows easy access to the RV door and storage compartments. This panel allows you to get access to all four sides. Also, it includes long zipper pulls reduce the need for a ladder.

Moreover, the maintenance is so easy that anyone can do it. It comes with a storage bag for more accessible storage. The installation is straightforward as well, so you should consider getting the best RV covers for the money.

Any Drawbacks?

Nothing serious found except the air vents that placed on only one side. Also, stitches should be improved.

#2 ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Travel Trailer RV Cover

If you are looking for the best RV cover for winter, you must consider buying the ADCO 52245 designer series. It is one of the reliable options and provides ample protection from any weather.

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Covers

Reasons to Pick

Ultimate Protection: This premium-quality travel trailer cover is designed for those who live in high moisture and moderate climate area. Its unique water-repellent capability inhibits the moisture buildup. Hence your RV stays protected from weather damages.

Extra Coverage and Versatility: The ADCO SFS aqua shed travel trailer RV cover comes with a length 28’7” to 31’6”. It can accommodate many front ends, air conditioners, extra tall, regular height walls, slide outs, and ladders. You’ll love its versatile nature.

Ventilation: It comes with vents that help reduce moisture building on the inside. For excellent breath-ability, your RV can keep a constant temperature.

Durability: The design features a triple layer top panel and three polypropylene sides. This unique feature adds to the longevity of the RV cover. Also, its pleasing aesthetics add to the value of choosing it for your vehicle. This durable cover reduces the premature aging of RV, and it helps to maintain resale value.

Ease of Use: Because of the smooth surface, it is so easy to clean the cover, and you don’t need to wash it frequently. Also, the installation is easier that takes a few minutes.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for keeping your motorhome weather protected. Like other ADCO products, it is designed for strength and quality. Hence it is worth investing in this heavy-duty travel trailer cover.

Any Drawbacks?

The RV cover seems not durable as mentioned, but it is good enough for the money. Few users claim that it cannot endure temperatures above 250-degrees.

#3 AmazonBasics Class C RV Cover – 23’-26’

Protect your RV from outdoor elements with this best class C RV cover. It is a great functional motorhome cover that is easy to put on. The cover is so thick that it can easily protect your RV from any outdoor weather elements.

AmazonBasics Class C RV Cover - 23’-26’

Reasons to Pick

Build-Quality: This premium-quality RV cover is equipped with 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable sides. It is incredibly thick and extended that entirely covers your Recreational Vehicle.

Breathability: The material features an integrated air-vent system, which minimizes wind lofting. It keeps away the inner moisture to keep the cover dry.

Optimum Protection: For the quick-drying materials, it provides complete protection against dust, dirt, snow, and scratches. This protective cover works notably better for off-seasons.

Custom Fit: The cover includes adjustable front and rear tension panels to ensure a custom fit. It elasticized hem corners for a custom-like fit. The cover also features an integrated buckle adjustment system that provides secure placement.

Compatibility: This class C RV cover is compatible with a travel trailer with a length range from 29-32 feet and a maximum height of 118-inches. The installation is also more accessible, and anyone can easily do it. Moreover, you will find a few more size options to fit on your trailers.

On top of that, the cover comes with a storage bag. You can fold the cover and store it in the storage bag when not in use. The price is also compatible with the features.

Any Drawbacks?

Although it provides better protection, still few users claim it is not a durable choice for outside use. Few of them found it difficult to store because of the larger unit.

#4 Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Travel Trailer Cover

This is yet another quality travel trailer cover from the trusted brand you can try with no hesitation. We talk about the Classic Accessories RV covers.

It offers excellent protection against any weather elements and contaminants. So you can consider this one as the best travel trailer cover for weather protection.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Reasons to Pick

Secure Fit and Easy Accessibility: The cover comes with adjustable front and rear tension panels. It extends hem corners to assure guaranteed fit. Besides, the cover includes zippered panels that allow access to the RV doors and engine areas.

Better Protection: Due to the triple-ply PolyPRO 3, it is dependable to protect your vehicle from harsh weather. Like, harsh snow, moisture build-up, rain, snow, dirt, and so on.

The cover is made with a triple-ply top plus single-ply sides. It keeps away the fluid buildup, mold, and mildew on your RV.

Breath-ability: The cover includes air vents which reduced wind lofting. By keeping away the moisture and mold buildup.

Compatibility: This design is perfect for trailers up to 24”-27” long. It has a height up to 118 inches from the ground floor. So, it fits most travel trailers with ease.

Overall, this Classic Accessories cover; help you keep the harmful matters right away from your motorhome. The cover is so perfect that it extends the longevity of your RV. The price is also within range.

Any Drawbacks?

There is no severe such issue found from the users. Still, we found that the fitting requires over one person. Also, the stitches should be better than the existing one.

#5 Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

The name says it all. The leader accessories RV covers are pro in this industry. It entirely covers your trailers without letting any part exposed to the outside weather.

Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

Reasons to Pick

Heavy-Duty Build: The top of the cover equipped with 330D soft and durable ripstop polyester material. The corners of the cover reinforced with polyester and cotton PVC lining.

It also has double stitch seams that make the cover scratch-resistant, tear-proof, and anti-aging. However, the travel trailer cover is more durable than any non-woven covers.

Breath-ability: The travel trailer RV cover includes an air vent system that reduces wind stress. The inside of the trailer cover has vents that keep moisture away. Also, the fabric is exceptionally breathable that allows maximum evaporation of water under the cover.

Secure Fit (Windproof): The covers feature windproof straps and buckles at the bottom. It has secure rings on both sides with two long straps, elastic hem corners, and adjustable front and rear control panels. All these provide a custom fit and protect your RV cover from blowing off in the heavy wind.

Easier Installation: It includes a toss bag under for easy installation. You can have easier access to the door and engine areas for the included roll-able zippered doors.

Compatibility: This full-coverage RV cover fits an RV of 27’-30’ length along with a height of 104”. So, it is good enough for most RVs.

We must recommend it as one of the best RV covers that offer the full-protection of your sweet travel trailer.

Any Drawbacks?

Everything is good so far. The only drawback we found that you may need more reinforcement for the corners to make them more secure.

#6 KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

Protect your long-term investment with KING BIRD extra-thick travel trailer cover. It is an effective solution that can protect the travel trailer. This camper cover has lots of unique features that set it apart from others.

KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

Reasons to Pick

Accessible Design: The cover has a roll-able zippered door on both sides. It allows more convenient access to the RV doors and engine areas anytime.

You can easily view and check the internal situation through this window. The uniqueness of this cover is that it has yellow reflective panels that provide maximum safety at night or parking.

Durable Fabric: The cover equipped with extra-thick 4-ply fabric on top and 3-ply non-woven fabric on the sides. It provides optimum weather and damage protection against harmful UV, rain, snow, dirt, and scratches.

Ventilation: One more unique about this RV cover is that it comes with six vents on the sides. These vents can reduce wind stress and moisture. Also, its quick-drying feature protects your RV from moist.

Wind-resistance: It has two pieces of reinforced straps that are specially designed for protecting your RV against the wind. Once you put it on, then the cover won’t blow away or tear by a heavy wind.

Additional Kits: Along with the top RV cover, you’ll get an adhesive patch, RV tire cover, storage bag, and reinforced straps.

In brief, this high-quality RV cover provides snow protection, water-repellent, bird dropping, and dirt, dust &scratch protection. Indeed, it’s a good value for the money.

Any Drawbacks?

Although the cover is just perfect, still, it requires a minimum of two people for installation.

#7 ADCO 34838 Designer15′ Tyvek Travel Trailer Cover

The next full-coverage RV cover is brought to you by the well-known brand, ADCO. ADCO has remained a dominant manufacturer of RV cover for over 58 years.

ADCO 34838 Designer Series Gray/White Upto 15' DuPont Tyvek Travel Trailer Cover

Reasons to Pick

Excellent Compatibility: The first reason to pick this most durable ADCO RV cover is its more extensive variety of size ranges. It gives you the versatility to choose for your RV. This cover fits trailers ranging from 23 feet to 43 feet long. Even for class A RV, it gives complete coverage.

Snug Fit: The cover features Slip-seam strapping system clinches at the top and bottom. It offers a perfectly snug fit and prevents the cover from wind damages. The covers include reinforcement throughout the bottom and top of side panels to make them more secure.

Breathability: Its gray side walls are made of durable polypropylene, which delivers excellent breath-ability. Besides, it can eliminate the growth of mold and mildew.

Exceptional Protection: The RV cover features DuPont Tyvek materials that offer protection against fierce weather climates. It also provides excellent protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

Ease of Use: The cover has a weighted buckle toss underneath the coach for easier installation. It has a lapper cap that reduces wear over the ladder area. Also, the cover has a zipper entry door for easy access while in storage.

Additional Kits: Along with the RV cover, you’ll get four travel tire guards for RV tire protection.

In short, it’s an excellent option for covering all types of front ends, air conditioners, extra tall & regular height walls, slide outs, and ladders.

So, complete protection for your RV is available at a reasonable price. We recommend this best travel trailer cover for all-climate protection in the market.

Any Drawbacks?

The cover material may not be resistant to wind damages, as mentioned. Also, few people found the cover a bit pricey compared to others.

#8 Covercraft Wolf CY31041 Travel Trailer RV Covers

Covercraft is a trustworthy manufacturer of premium-quality interior and exterior protection products for automobiles. The Covercraft Wolf RV cover is one of their excellent additions. It is designed for budget-conscious buyers.

Covercraft Wolf CY31041 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Reasons to Pick

Breathable Protection: The cover made with multi-layer polypropylene, which provides breathable protection. Also, it has strengthened corners that add enhanced security on all tops and bottom corners.

Weather Protection: It features rain gutter covers that protect your cover from damages caused by gutters. Also, the cover protects your Travel Trailers from wind, dust, rain, snow, and harmful UV rays.

Secure Fit: The trailer cover has straps and buckle systems that positioned on the front and back. It secures the cover and keeps on tight for assuring a secured fit.

Compatibility: This specific cover fits travel trailer RVs between 20’1″ to 22’ in length. Also, it has extensive coverage of sizes from 15’ to 31’6″. The cover is available in grey color as well.

Additional Kits: The Covercraft Wolf RV cover comes with an additional patch kit and storage bag.

As we mentioned before, the cover comes at an affordable price to protect your Motorhome from bad weather conditions. Whatever is your RV size, you can now have the best RV cover for rain in the budget.

Any Drawbacks?

Though it’s a good deal for the money, still few users claim that the material is not entirely resistant to the sun rays. Besides, we didn’t notice any zipper for access to the camper.

#9 OOFIT Extra-Thick 4-ply Class C Motorhome RV Covers

You can start a new trip with suitable mode, OOFIT Extra-Thick RV cover is here to take care of your Motorhome. It’s a user-friendly cover for RV owners. You can have easier access to optimum protection.

Reasons to Pick

Easy-to-access Design: One of the top reasons to pick this best motorhome cover is its easily accessible side zippers. These long roll-able zippers come with extra fluorescence rope. It offers more convenient access to the RV door easily anytime.

OOFIT Extra-Thick 4-ply Class C Motorhome RV Cover

Also, at the side of the zippers, it has fluorescence signs, which make it easier to find the door. At night time, it helps you to get access to your RV and provides maximum safety.

Custom Fit: The cover has an integrated undercarriage strap system which has four connection points on each side. Also, it has a buckle on it, which makes it easier to get a custom fit. You can adjust it to your RV tighter to reduce the wind blow.

Ventilation and Protection: It features air vents on the cover, which reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture as well. Instead of being breathable, the RV cover is weatherproofed and UV-resistant as well.

This excellent motorhome RV cover provides excellent protection against sun, rain, wind, and other natural elements.

Heavy-duty Material: The top of the cover made with heavy-duty full 4-ply non-woven fabric; whereas it has single-ply sides. The overall cover is constructed from marine-grade 600D polyester canvas with a polyurethane coating.

Overall, one single cover lasts for many years and provides maximum protection to your Motorhome. It fits the length from 23’ to 26’. It’s a great combination of efficiency and affordability.

Any Drawbacks?

To provide you the best, we precisely look for any deficiencies. Though we found none serious issue regarding this cover.

#10 Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Travel Trailer Cover

Our final Classic Accessories cover is perfect for the medium-sized RV. Buying Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 travel trailer cover gives you peace of mind. Let us tell you why.

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Travel Trailer Cover

Reasons to Pick

Quality Fabric: The travel trailer cover has a triple-ply non-woven polypropylene fabric at the top for ensuring extra weather protection. Besides, it includes single-ply PolyPRO fabric on the sides for excellent breathability.

Custom Fit: It features tension panels at the hem and elasticized hem corners, which offers a custom fit for your trailer. These panels are adjustable for the user’s ease of use. Also, its integrated rope attachment system and toss bag reduce crawling under the trailer.

Ventilation: The RV cover has an integrated air vent system. It reduces wind stress and helps to reduce inside moisture and mildew build-up.

Easy accessibility: The cover includes zippered panels to help you get easy access. It also allows you to have easy access to the RV door and engine areas.

Moreover, the design is fitting for an RV body up to 17’7″ with a length of 20’. Honestly, this is the best camper cover for the efficient and budget-friendly option of the entire RV owner.

Any Drawbacks?

The trailer camper cover is overall functional, but few users founts the material slightly on the thinner side. So, place or remove the cover carefully.

#11 Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

Leader Accessories brings a few color options in this travel trailer cover to allow people to choose from. This Leader Accessories Heavy Duty travel trailer covers provide your outdoor investment a better protection from all-weather elements.

Reasons to Pick

Heavy-Duty Construction: The heavy-duty construction of this RV cover tends us to go for this cover. The combination of deluxe 300D polyester material and expert tailoring produces a high-end RV cover. It is durable and beautiful as well.

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

Secure Fit: Unlike others, it has an innovative clinching system with tension panels to remove slack. Also, the extra reinforced corners with elasticized hem offer a custom-like fit. It inhibits the tearing of your cover.

Besides, it’s integrated strap attachment, and a weighted toss bag system removes crawling under the trailer to the tension straps.

Ventilation: Like others, its air vent system reduces wind stress and helps to vent inside moisture. This helps to maintain a specific temperature inside the RV.

Durability and Easy Accessibility: One more unique about this RV cover is its double-stitched seams. It makes the travel trailer cover more anti-aging and scratch-resistant. Also, the cover has extra-long zippers, which allows easier access to the RV when it is covered.

Indeed, it’s a robust selection for protecting your travel trailer within budget. This cover fits RV with a length from 20’ to 22’. Also, you are getting more color options. So, make a deal NOW!

Any Drawbacks?

The material, protection, and build-quality are just perfect for this RV cover. Still, few people found it difficult to put it on due to its heavyweight.

Buying Factors of Best RV Travel Trailer Covers

RV Cover Considerations

Choosing the right one for your travel trailer or RV from the massive options of covers available in the market is quite challenging. Luckily, you can narrow down the choice by considering a few factors. Let’s know them.

Types of the Best RV Covers

Usually, RV covers are available in different types, where each type caters to different needs. All the types are enlisted below.

  • Tire Cover: The name represents the functionality of these types. If the RV tire stays under sun rays for a long, then it may occur permanent damage. The tire cover for travel trailers keeps the tire rubber safe from the sun. It is essential to have an RV tire cover as driving such a large vehicle with a sun-baked tire can be risky.
  • Dashboard Cover: Dashboard covers designed as carpet pieces. It protects the dashboard of the Motorhome from fading or damage because of harmful UV rays. These types of covers are essential to preserving the original look of your RV.
  • Windshield Cover: Windshield covers are used for two purposes. Whereas one is to protect RV’s dashboard from cracks, and the other is to safeguard chair covers from harmful UV rays. Basically, it reduces the heat inside the vehicle and ensures that temperature remains bearable.


The very first thing you need to make sure of is the perfect size of the best RV cover. It should not be too loose or too tight. Few covers only fit the vehicle of up to 10 feet long, while others up to 17 feet long.

To get a perfect size, at first, you need to check the length, height, and width of your trailer. Whatever the size of your vehicle, always try to pick an RV cover that is one size up.

Materials of RV Covers:

To ensure the proper shield on your travel trailer make sure to choose a cover that is made with high-quality material. RV covers usually equipped with polyester, polypropylene, solution-dyed acrylic, and polyethylene. Whereas,

  • Polyester material provides excellent protection from UV rays and comes with a certain level of water resistance.
  • Polypropylene material is highly resistant to acid damage and cracking. These are waterproof and prevent moisture from penetrating.
  • Solution-dyed acrylic made using UV-resistant dyes and comes with a waterproof coating. It offers optimum protection from SUN rays.
  • Polyethylene material has a nonporous and high-density surface that prevents water from penetrating. It has better resistance to wear and tear.

Protection from RV Covers:

Since it is all about your RV protection, so make sure you picked the best RV cover with optimum stability. Polypropylene and polyester-made RV covers have a double or triple layer.

These covers assure that the roof of your vehicle remains protected. Choose a single layer for protection of the side of the trailer. Also, go for a travel trailer cover that can repel or resist UV rays and water.


You should consider the price as well, like how much you want to spend on a camper cover? When you are sorted about your budget, then you can save time.

Also, it narrows down the options as well. However, you shouldn’t only consider the price point as the quality product comes at a quality price.


Apart from these essential factors, you should also consider a few other things. Like the air vent that offers more excellent breathability. It reduces moisture and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Also, check the zippered panel, which allows you to have access to the vehicle even if it is covered.

The benefit of Using RV Covers

People are now investing in it for many reasons. Here we will explain those reasons for using RV covers.

Benefits of RV Covers
Image from Amazon
  • Protects The Exterior:

One of the main reasons people use RV covers on their recreational vehicle is to protect the exterior. As the surface of the Motorhome is directly exposed to UV rays, rain, snow, wind, dust, and all other atmospheric phenomena.

The consequent may become worse like, the roof may damage, and its paint starts fading, heavy rainfall may scratch the surface, and so on. Hence, it is essential to use the best Motorhome cover to protect the exterior of your travel trailer.

  • Protect Interior:

Although RV cover is placed on the exterior, it also protects the interior. Long time exposure to sunlight can damage the dashboard and seats. If you stay inside the RV when it directly exposed to sunlight, the internal temperature may rise. It can cause uncomfortable for you to stay inside.

  • Moisture Wicking:

Moisture is harmful to travel trailers, and RV covers are the savior in such a case. As they are breathable and waterproof; so it can keep the moisture away and prevent mold and mildew buildup. It can evaporate the moisture quickly without even letting the water droplet to enter.

  • Inhibits Dirt Buildup:

When you store your trailer in an open place, then you must use the best travel trailer cover to inhibit dirt build-up. Because dirt can enhance the chances of wear and tear, which can be prevented by covering your RV entirely.

  • Keep You Safe and Convenient Inside:

When you are on a long trip, and it is either a sunny day or winter or a rainy day. In such a case, it is good to bring an RV cover along with you. As it keeps the interior safe, hence you will remain safe inside.


Q: Are RV Covers Waterproof?

A: Apart from a few, most RV covers are waterproof in the market. They have water repellent capability, which makes it easier for you to shed water.

Q: How to measure a coach for the right RV Cover?

A: To determine the perfect fit for your RV, measure the Motorhome from end to end. Avoid measuring front hitch or propane tanks. Remember, RV should fit a little loose for easier installation.

Q: How to Clean a travel trailer Cover?

A: To enhance the lifespan of the RV cover, you need to clean it frequently. Use only water and mild soap for cleaning, and then use a brush and hose to rinse it. After then allow it to dry first and then keep it in the storage area.

Q: How to Install RV Covers?

A: Some RV covers require installation from the roof, and all you need to do is to use a stepladder. You need to practice a few times for better installation. Better you follow the instruction given with the product. Before installing, clean the cover entirely. After putting the cover from the roof to other ends, lock it using straps.

Q: How to fold it when not in use?

A: If you don’t know the proper process of folding the RV cover, then it can be frustrating. The first thing you need to do is to invest in a large garbage can with wheels.

There is no specific format for folding, just lay the cover on the ground and fold it as small as you can. Then stuff it in the garbage can with additional straps.

Q: What is the Best RV Covers Brands?

A: We cannot say any specific brand as there are several good RV covers brands out there. Our entire recommended brands are best, which includes Classic Accessories, ADCO, Camco, and so on. You can choose any of them that fit your needs.


So, that’s all about the best RV covers of 2021. We tried to share the required knowledge for purchasing a travel trailer cover with all the benefits you can get by having one. Undoubtedly, owning an RV requires a large investment and you can’t afford it again and again.

That’s the only reason you should go for a cost-friendly solution to ensure the longevity of your travel trailer. And, it’s a simple cover that offers you the highest protection for your RV from any bad weather conditions like wind, snow, rain, dust, debris, UV-rays, bird droppings, and so on.

To ensure that your recreational vehicle lasts longer than others, choose breathable material and cover the wheel and tires entirely. Don’t forget to wash your RV before place an RV cover.

However, we are signing off for today by leaving the rest upon you. Let us know in the comment box, which one among these best-rated RV covers matches your Motorhome requirements?

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