Best Synthetic Motor Oils Reviews 2020

Well, you are not going to pick cooking oil for your kitchen! It’s motor oil, so, picking one isn’t a simple and easy task. Therefore, at present synthetic motor oil gained the popularity all over the world. So, it is evident that you will find lots of best synthetic motor oils brands out there. The question is among them which one is the best synthetic motor oil?

best synthetic motor oils reviews 2019Every brand advertisers and declares that their oil is incomparably the best. But the fact is people are smarter now. They don’t start using one without proper judgment. That’s why I am here today with the topic best synthetic motor oils 2020. After reading this article, you can quickly judge which one is the best for your car!

Therefore, what is Synthetic oil? According to Wikipedia Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially made. Synthetic oils are made from crude oil that funds in the ground, but those are made from advanced refining procedure. That’s why synthetic oils have higher quality than other traditional mineral oils.

Let’s forget about the theoretical discussion. We are not going to participate in the exam. Synthetic oils offer the higher level of protection and ensure the best performance of your engine than traditional oils. Whatsoever, let’s see the best synthetic motor oils reviews quickly, and then we will discuss the things you should know before buying one!

Best Synthetic Motor Oils Reviews: Top Brands 2020

Out there you will find lots of brands that produce synthetic oils and offers in different price range. From those enormous options, I enlisted ten best brands that have trusted and well known for their tremendous history in this industry. However, their synthetic oils are best for any types of the car engine. Allow me to show you the list quickly. Hope you will find the best-fit one.

Looks at the best synthetic motor oils reviews from the top brands:

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil 550046122 Platinum 5 quart 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

PENNZOIL is an American company that produced the most outstanding synthetic motor oils for years. Usually, they use PurePlus technology in their oils that protects the engine and ensures the superior performance as well.

Therefore, what is the PurePlus technology of PENNZOIL? It is a revolutionary that is known as gas to the liquid process where they convert pure natural gas into crystal clear base oil. PENNAZOL ensures lower friction, better performance in low temperature and superior stability.

The synthetic oil from pure plus is 99.5% percent pure, and that’s why they are leading the market at present!

Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Even Kids are also familiar with the name of great CASTROL. Castrol is a British global brand who produced a broad range of oils, greases, and similar products for most lubrication applications. They usually gained their popularity from sponsoring different car racing events. Even you will see the name CASTROL in World Rally Championship, NHRA drag racing or even in the German Touring Car races.

But don’t think that they are famous because of their marketing plan! They provide the best quality motor oils that ensure high mileage as well. Besides, their synthetic motor oils are also leading the industry at present. Castrol synthetic motor oils provide the ultimate engine protection than other conventional synthetic oils. Therefore, their synthetic oils fight against deposits wear and oxidation as well.

The most amazing thing about Castrol synthetic motor oils is that you they produce oils for individual models. You just name the model of your can, and they will tell you which oil is best suited for your car. Don’t miss the chance to use the best synthetic motor oils in the market at a very reasonable price range.

Mobil 1 120758 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil for 0W-20 5, 4.73L

Mobil 1 120758 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

MOBIL 1 is initially developed by Mobil Oil Company that was the first motor oil company in the world. They are famous for producing excellent synthetic oils and automotive lubrication products. They usually provide different types of grades from 0W-20 and to 10W-30.

Therefore, they designed their synthetic motor oil to ensure the greatest protection and performance of the engine for the longer period.

However, Mobil 1 synthetic motor oils have the ability to keep your engine cleaner as it contains fewer impurities than other blend oils. Those synthetic oils flow better in the low temperature and protect better in the heat as well. However, those synthetic oils are best in the market according to the quality and the value.

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5 QT

Valvoline 5W-30 MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil

The story of VALVOLINE is 150 years old. Dr. Jhon Ellis formed a petroleum based lubricant for steam engines, and after that, they never turn back. Since then they started producing superior quality motor oils, lubricants, and cleaners. All of their products are designed mainly to satisfy their users.

To ensure higher mileage and superior protection to the engines Valvoline synthetic motor oil has no comparison. Valvoline synthetic oils designed to provide extra cleaning and boost up the performance of an engine.

The price of Valvoline synthetic motor oil is a bit higher than other brands. But you have to agree that their quality is better than others as well.

Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil – 5 qt.

Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

ROYAL PURPLE is an American brand which usually makes lubricants for automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial and racing use. But apparently, they are famous for their synthetic motor oils that used in gasoline and diesel engines. The ROYAL PURPLE also produces gear oils, industrial gear, engine, hydraulic oil, etc.

As for the synthetic oil, the ROYAL PURPLE synthetic oil is the best synthetic motor oil in the market for a large reason. Usually, their quality is incredible, yet the price is very reasonable. ROYAL PURPLE synthetic oils designed with proprietary additive technologies that create high-performance motor oils.

Surely, it will boost up the performance of the engine and provide it the ultimate protection it needs. Therefore, in the low temperature, those synthetic oils run smoother and better as well.

Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

The Slogan of QUAKER STATE is ‘trust isn’t given. It’s earned’. With their excellent quality engine oils and extraordinary customer service, they made the confidence of the people all over the world.

Why QUICKER STATE earned the trust so soon? The answer you will find by yourself after the comparison with other conventional oil brands. But they don’t compare their oils with others rather they compare with themselves and increasing the quality day by day.

However, synthetic motor oils of QUAKER STATE provide more performance and ultimate protection against friction-related wear. Therefore those synthetic oils are suitable for lower temperature even provide ultimate protection in high temperatures.

 Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 Diesel Engine Oil

Shell ROTELLA T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend

SHELL ROTELLA is another best synthetic motor oil brand that produces high-quality engine lubricant products for years. They overwhelmed the mind of the users by ensuring the quality and superior customer service.

Therefore, they made those oils multi-functional and used so many advanced technologies that provide active protection and suitable for continuous driving conditions.

Those synthetic motor oils from SHELL ROTELLA are inexpensive, but the quality is mind blowing. They provide excellent engine cleanness and wear protection also very suitable for both high and low temperature.

Mobil Super 113938 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil – 1 Quart

Mobil Super 113938 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

For years MOBIL SUPER produced outstanding quality engine oils in a very reasonable price range. Their synthetic motor oils are the best for many reasons. However, synthetic oils from a mobile super company are proven to provide the ultimate protection to the engine.

Therefore, synthetic oils from this brand are finest and surely extend the performance of the engine. Also, it ensures to keep the engine new all the time.

I can assure that you will be pleased after you put the MOBILE SUPER in your engine!

AMSOIL FULL SYNTHETIC Dominator 2-Cycle Oil 1 Quart


The background of Amsoil is interesting. It was an idea of ex-fighter jet commander back in 1973. This is the only company in America that is independent and family owned for a long period.

AMSOIL is famous mostly in the motorsport industry. They sponsor various sports events including Motocross, Sprint Cup, off-road truck events and so on.

However, their oils have a unique and balanced formation that can keep your engine new after years. Those synthetic oils protect the engine from both extremely high and low temperature, keeps the engine cleaner and boost up the performance as well. Apparently, AMSOIL produced the best synthetic motor oil for the money!

Total 185703-12PK Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40 Engine Oil

Total 185703-12PK Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40 Engine Oil

You may hair the name of TOTAL as they sponsor most of the racing series of International Motor Sports Association. However, TOTAL was popular in Europe at first. But they gained the popularity in America at present due to finest quality motor lubricants.

TOTAL also sponsor of Red Bull’s Formula 1 racing team since 2009 but don’t think that they are leading the market due to finest advertisement and marketing plan. Their target is to ensure the satisfaction of the customers by producing most excellent quality products.

As for their synthetic motor oil, what can I say? Those are perfect for any types of temperature. No matter it is extremely high or low. Therefore, those synthetic oils keep the engine clean and running smoothly for years. In the issue of price, for such quality, the price is inexpensive than you think.

Those are the best synthetic motor oils brands so far. They meet all the conditions synthetic motor oil should have and passed the tastes as well. Now it’s your choice to pick one that is best for your engine and don’t forget to put your oil in the right place!

Therefore, while driving follows the traffic rules and drives with care. We will meet again with the essential tips and tricks. Stay connected and share your feedback openly with us!

Best of Luck!!!

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