7 Pink Browning Car Accessories For Smart Girls

Since its inception car has always been a guy’s preference. But over the years, the target market has changed due to ever increasing competition and pressure for profit maximization. Car manufacturer started targeting all possible segment in a society to pursue their goal.

Well, their goal does bring benefit for us most of the time and the particular fact has brought in a broad platform for girls to work on their cars. The concept of modifying the car is not new in the market though there was always narrow scope for girls to work on their cars.

Pink Browning Car Accessories For Smart GirlsNow that the competition has increased and it has driven the manufacturer to look into other option to make the product more exquisite and an opportunity to make post-purchase sales.

Following are some accessories which a girl will certainly be looking for to add on to their cars to draw a deep line between commonality and uniqueness.

  1. Smart Steering wheel cover:

Bell Automotive 22-1-97048-9 Universal Shaggy Hyper-Flex Core Steering Wheel Cover

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First thing first, the most used and important interior component. Steering wheel defines a lot about a driver. You can take a look at the F1 steering wheel, you can get an abstract about the car. It is similar for any car enthusiast regardless of being male or female. There’s a wide array of option for girls on their steering wheel modification.

There’s option to change the stock wheel and replace it with custom made shape and color. There’s always design available on google, you just need to consult with your mechanics whether he can make it or not. For those to whom it is not feasible to modify the wheel for those who loves to keep the stock one; for them, there is the option of steering wheel cover.

I mean not the regular one you get in the market rather the fancy one which suits your likings, comfort, and desire. You have the liberty to design the print, color combination, fabrics and everything else as well. Again google is here to help you out with ideas. You just need to ensure that the tailor makes it properly for you. And oh yes this cost and complexity-effective as well.

  1. The gauges:

Partsam T10 194 2825 LED Light Bulb

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We all are well acquainted with custom gauges, well thanks to NFS for that. But what NFS has not shown us, is the gauge for typical girls who don’t roam around looking for actions. There’s always the rough & tough looking gauges available in the car shop they think most of the customers are following the fast and furious instinct and thus they underestimate the market of typical people who can be easily induced, provided with the particular thing which meets the demand.

Now gauges are something technical you cannot avail it easily. You need to visit an accessories shop and order them to make one according to your choice only if they have the option for you. You can change the background color and theme, the dial color and shape and the color and shape of the digits. These are basic. You can change the shape of the gauge and change its color too. You can add on LED light inside the gauge as well to make it suitable for you.

Now, what if you don’t want to take all the hassle and cost. You want it in a budget way. A cute shaped bunny or Pikachu cover. It might not be that effective, then again it’s always better to have something rather than nothing.

  1. Seat cover:

BDK Zebra Auto Seat Covers - Front & Rear Full Set

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Probably the most exposed interior item. Now seat cover plays a huge role defining owners’ personality, attitude and the way she wants her car to be seen. Seat cover customization has become very easy given there’s no association with technicality.

Girls can pick color and design for their seat covers. There’s google to help out with ideas. You can combine several ideas and come up with your own. The cost will depend on the complexity of the work given that you will provide the necessary raw materials for them.

  1. Smart Floor mats:

OxGord 4pc Set Auto Floor Mats for Car

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Now this is one of the most negligible components. We never think about the potential of car mats to enhance the aesthetics. But it does take part. A gentlemen and women are recognized by the sparkle on their shoes. Same goes for car mats. It defines your car and your personality.

Floor mats are easy to customize as there’s nothing technical associated with it. Floor mats fabric design and color can be picked by the owner. There’s google to help out with the concepts. This is something with a minimum of cost and maximum of effect. It has a significant effect on the ambiance of the interior.

  1. Smart Sticker/vinyl:


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Sticker and decals are similar things while vinyl being different. Vinyl puts the design permanently until you are repainting your car. But sticker doesn’t have such stringent effect. It is kind of temporary and you can pull it off any time you want. But it does harm the paint due to frequent change.

Now you can go for either sticker or vinyl depending on the economic feasibility of the particular matter to you. In both ways, you can perfectly portray your imagination on the cars body. Stickers are readily available in most cases and they usually range from rough and tough dragon to hello kitty. So you will have a wide variety before moving on to customization.

There are stickers of different size specially made for different body parts. Though you can always customize. Stickers are comparatively the lot cheaper than vinyl. You can use anywhere you feel like.

  1. Window tint & neon:

Rtint Window Tint Kit for Dodge Neon 2000-2005 - Back Kit - 50%

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This is something which we often overlook while searching for the scopes of customization. Window tint and neon are a very common practice (only if your traffic law allows you to do so). This is a cheap alternative to giving your car a unique look.

Now there are few typical colors available in the market. And certainly you have the option to go beyond and come up with your own customization. You can add on different effect for the neon light. Besides you can add on neon in lots of places in your car like a trunk, pedals (gas, brake, and clutch) etc.

  1. Smart Dashboard:

Genuine Chrysler 5EY72RC8 Gray Top Dash Panel for Dodge Ram

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The most attractive and important interior component of any car. Nowadays the demand for the funky dashboard is on rising due to the availability of accessories and scopes for customization. Throwing out the stock and coming up with a whole new customized dashboard will cost a good chunk of money? And on top of that, you necessarily don’t need to do it, if you already have a fancy car.

In that case, what you can do is to add on items to suit you. You can put dashboard mat over the dashboard. There are gorgeous dashboard mats available in the market. You can choose from those or can come up with your own.

Actually, there’s not a lot of customization option available for the dashboard. Among the other options, you can add on led lights on the dashboard and can paint a part of it. But if really are a mad feminist then you should obviously order a customized one for your car.

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