Car Seat Expiration Date: You Must Know

Does a car seat actually expire? Yes, car seats do expire! Every little thing on this earth expires. Nothing can last forever!

The question is why car seats expire and are there any particular car seat expiration date? Let’s discuss all car seat expiration date. 

How many years can we use our car seat

Generally, a car seat can last six to ten years according to the materials. However, using car seats for at most 6 years is general recommendation. You can find the expiration date printed on almost every car seat including a warning message like “DO NOT USE THIS AFTER”.

However, you can check the user manual, or you can ask the manufacturer for an exact expiration date. Every manufacturer has a particular time limit for car seats. For example:

  • Graco Seats: Grace Seats can be useful for 7 to 10 years. Graco usually prints an expiration date in the bottom of the car seats.
  • Britax Car Seats: Britax car seats, such as Infant car seats, older child car seats, youth car seats usually useful for 6 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Cosco Car Seats: usually a Cosco car seat after 2013 has 8 years of validity and the car seats they made in 2013 or before has 6 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Peg Perego Seats: A Peg Perego seat expires after 5years from the date of manufacture.
  • Evenflo Car Seats: Evenflo car seats run out after 6 years from the date of manufacture. However, Symphony all in one car seat lasts more than 8 years.

Important Note: While buying a car seat consider the date of manufacture, not the date you purchase! Because the date starts when it manufactures not while you purchase!

The expiration date is necessary: It’s another business policy

With the expiration date manufacturer can earn after a particular year, no doubt! But the fact is expiration date is necessary for you too. How? As technologies are changing and updating day by day, so it’s simple, every updated material have more good features and quality than the older version.

If you take the example of the Facebook app, you will understand easily! In the older version of Facebook, there was no live option, or there was no option to post a colorful status, but in the latest version, you will find all those features.

So it is better to be up to date always, as new updates include comfier and safety features. And the quality of modern seats is way better than older versions.

What to do after a car seat expires

Stop using it immediately. Using an expired car seat can be harmful and damaging. After the expiration date, the plastic frame can lose its strength also the screws that connect the seat with the car can lose. So accidents can occur anytime.

Also, you may not be able to find the replacement part you needed. So it is mandatory to change the seat after the expiration date. You can either recycle your old seat or you can dispose it correctly but ensure that nobody is using your expired car seat.

However, if you use your car seat with great care and the condition is good then you can use expire car seat for few more days. But it would be wiser if you change expire car seat as soon as possible.

An As different manufacturer uses different materials so expiration dates vary. However, if you use a car seat with great care, you can use few more date after expiration date. But as safety is the first priority, so it’s better if you change the expired car seat as early as possible.

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