Car Tire Maintenance: Simplest Way Ever!

Tires are the only component of your car which stays in the direct contact with the road. While driving, the acceleration of your vehicle, as well as the performance of the brakes, depending on the kind of tires you are using. Though most of us don’t pay much heed to the car tire maintenance until we get a flat one. Properly maintained tires can save you from unwanted incidents on the roads as well as from stressful experiences.

Scroll down to see some of the simplest but effective ways of car tire maintenance:

Proper Car Tier Maintenance

Tire Pressure:


Over-inflated or under-inflated, both are bad and dangerous for your tires. High pressure in over-inflated tires will make the middle part of the tires contact with the ground leaving the sides untouched. Eventually, this will wear out the middle part faster than the sides. High pressure in tires also messes up the control of the vehicle at a significant level.

Low pressure in under-inflated tires exposes the whole tire to the ground including the extreme side of the tire. This propagates faster corrosion while generating excessive heat that leads to sudden tire failures. To avoid this, keep tracks of the tire pressures and check them at least once a month or before leaving for any long drive. In this case, a tire pressure gauge can help you to do the job. They are easily available in the markets and also online.

Tire Balancing:


This is directly connected with balancing and controlling of the wheel. Every vehicle’s wheels need to be properly balanced. Imbalanced wheels will cause corrosion of tire at a much faster pace. Thus the tires will wear out before it’s expected to.

Wheel Alignment:


Maintaining proper wheel alignment is necessary for the durability of the tire and maximum handling experience of your vehicle. Wheel alignment refers to aligning all the wheels in a particular set order.

There are different alignments set for different vehicles from different manufacturers. To align the wheels properly, you need to take your car to the nearest workshop. Non-alignment can cause tread wears on the edge of the tires.

Tire Rotation:

Tire-rotation - car tire maintenance

Tires of the front and rear end takes different loads and performs different steering and braking functions. Which results in unequal wear pattern. For the maximum performance and longevity of your tire, you need to rotate it on a regular interval.

According to most of the car manufacturers and experts, you should rotate the tire after traveling every 5000-7000 kilometers. Which direction the tires will be rotated is most often mentioned in the car manual.

Symptoms of Problematic Tires:

  1. car tireOne of the typical symptoms is unusual vibration or thumping noise. These indications are most prevalent especially in the case of pressure issues.
  2. Another most important sign is a “pull to one side”. You can feel the pull while driving the vehicle at high speed. This particular symptom is dominant in the case of the imbalanced wheel or improper wheel alignment.

The car tire is very important and one of the most critical parts of a vehicle. The performance factor of any car depends on the condition of tires. Damage tires can cause serious accidents. It is essential to keep the tire in the right condition and maintain it on a regular basis. These tips surely will help you with to do that. See you soon with lot more. Till then:

Drive Safe!

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