The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For Owners

Your car’s performance and longevity depend vastly on maintenance. One of the hefty costs associated with a car is its maintenance cost. In some cases in order to retrieve maximum performance and service from your car over time, you might need to spend one-third of the total purchase price of your car. Well, the cost can be narrowed down by having the ultimate checklist for car maintenance!

However, most of the car owners strive to keep a regular maintenance schedule for their car. There is a tricky idea for this. You can keep a notebook where you will write down the process. That is how you can remember, what you have done and when have you done it.

The Ultimate Checklist for Car Maintenance

There is some maintenance, which is necessary for uninterrupted performance, and then there are some, which are mandatory and must do it in order to keep your car running. However, each car is different, and each of those requires individual maintenance, but some maintenance rules are the same for all. Let’s see some of the common car maintenance tips that every car-owner must follow.

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Daily Car Maintenance Checklist:

Daily Car Maintenance Checklist

The title is wrong here. We should rather call it daily car checks. It is important to check the parts regularly before you start your engine. That’s how you will be able to notice whether the car is to a sound condition or not. You should check:

Break: Best break before you start your day. See whether the grip is fine or not.

Tire Pressure: well, you can check the tire pressure weekly. However, it is no mistake to have a look at the tire. You can realize the pressure by seeing it.

Brake Light: brake lights should also be checked every single day. See, whether brake lights are working properly or not. You can ask help to someone for this.

Weekly Car Maintenance Checklist:

Weekly maintenance is very important. You should keep a schedule, and you should follow your schedule every week. You can do it on the weekend if you wish to. Let’s see what should you do for weekly car maintenance:

Tire pressure: Tire pressure is one thing, which ensures a stable driving experience. Running the tire with low pressure or high pressure both is harmful to your tires. You must ensure the correct tire pressure is maintained. There are few great pressure gauges you can find in any superstore or online to check the tire pressure personally.

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Check out the Light: Think about the car, which is driving in front, does not have the functional brake lights. You can easily thump into the back in case of a hard brake. Similar problems can be occurred due to the nonfunctional indicator and headlight or parking light as well. You must check them on a weekly basis to avoid any accidents.

Weekly Car Maintenance

Radiator coolant: If your car’s radiator runs out of coolant, it will heat up the engine eventually blowing the engine within a span of a couple of minutes. Think about it. Can you feel the necessity right? You can keep a sufficient amount of water in your trunk to tackle any sticky situation where coolant runs out.

Different oils: It is strictly advised to check the engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, clutch oil on a regular basis. Engine oil failure can lead to jamming and blow off the engine. Brake oil failure will surely cause accidents, and the magnitude remains in the hand of luck. Gear oil and clutch oil failure result in jamming the gear bringing your car to an immediate halt.

Monthly Checklist for Car Maintenance:

After running a month, your car will definitely need some take care. However, if you maintain your car weekly, you don’t have to take any hassle during your monthly maintenance day. You should follow these for monthly maintenance:

Air filter: Checking air filter is necessary because air filter plays a good role in the engine’s performance. A clogged air filter can slow down even the most powerful engine. Lack of acceleration is one of the prime symptoms of the clogged air filter. You can clean the air filter with a blower. The more powerful blower will ensure better cleaning.

Montly Checklist

Battery check: Check the terminals of the battery. Clean if there’s too much rust. Tighten it if you found it lose. Check the battery water level as well. A weak battery will reduce the power of lights (headlight, brake light, etc.) and it will create problems during the startup of the car.

Vehicle Checkup:  You should take your car to the nearest automobile workshop once in a month for a total checkup using the different analyzers. It will give the most precise forecast about the present condition and performance level of your car. It will also point out any problems that you need to look into in order to prevent greater damage in the future.

Quarterly Car Maintenance:

You should also give car maintenance every 3 months. Car parts, cables, battery, plugs can be clogged. It can decrease the performance of the car. After 3 months, you have to check and repair those problems. Let’s see what needs to take care after every 3 months.

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Oil and oil filter:  You should change the car oil and oil filter after every 3,000 miles. Otherwise, the filter can clog. It can make the performance of the car worse. The three-month mark is perfect for check and maintains engine air filter, engine oil, hoses, and cables.

Battery terminals and cables: After three months, it is mandatory to check battery terminals and cables. Those can be corroded. Clean it immediately if those are corroded.

Quaterly Checklist

However, you should also check indicator light, dashboard, exhaust, head and taillights, power steering fluid, and tire inflator. Those are mostly things people often ignored.

Half-Yearly Maintenance:

If you never care regularly, then after 6 months you have to give it a few maintenances. However, if you follow the above steps, you don’t have to take much hassle. It is a cycle. If you follow the cycle of weekly, monthly, and quarterly, then your half-yearly and the yearly task will be simpler. Let’s see what should be your concern after every 6 months:

Horns: See whether the horn of your car is working properly or not. After 6 months, usually, horns started doing some issues. If you find any problem, change it immediately.

Brakes: Check the brake of your car. it is very important. Some car breaks start showing issues after 6 months. If you think the brake has issues, repair it.

Wiper Blades: wiper blades can wear out smeary or brittle. You should replace it if you see this issue.

You should also check out all the lights, spare tire, and the exhaust system after 6 months. This will keep the vehicle in a sound condition.

The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For Owners

Yearly Maintenance:

As I mentioned earlier if you follow the schedule like a cycle you don’t have to bother much for yearly maintenance. Though there are some certain factors, you need to follow in yearly maintenance, but those are not that tough. Let’s see what needs to take care after a year:

Steering and Suspension: steering and suspension need to be checked after a year. Those may require some changes following 365 days. If needed do it as soon as possible.

Hinges: you should also check the doors and hood hinges. Those may require lubrication.

Air filter: you should check out the cabin and engine air filter as well. those may also require some changes.

Actually, if you follow your car on a regular basis and maintain it every week, your monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly tasks will be simpler. Besides, you should wash your car often. This will keep the car in a decent condition.

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To wrap up!

Having a personal car is wonderful. It saves our money and hassle. However, the car is expensive. Without proper maintenance, you will ruin the performance alarmingly. Try to keep your eye on and maintain it regularly. Keep it in a sound condition, and it will definitely offer you the performance you want.

You can follow these ultimate car maintenance checklist. I hope this will help in your way. We will meet again soon with other car accessories and maintenance hacks. Till then:

Drive Safe!

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