7 Cute Girly Car Accessories, You Must Die To Have

7 cute girly car accessories

Cute Girly Car AccessoriesGirls always have the obsession to show off their personalities. Their personalities reflect on their things. From their bed covers to gadgets they always want to decorate their things. Even nowadays they decorate their cars too.

They want a cute girly look to their car. Keeping their need in mind many brands have started making many cute girly car accessories. Pink color accessories for girls.

Girly Car Seat cover

FH Group Universal Fit Full Set Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

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Pink seat cover really makes the car more girly. FH-FB050114 Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers Pink is now one of the leading seat covers.

Made with durable polyester with 3mm foam in the middle which protects from dirt splits. Hundred percent washable. It’s also available in various color.

Girly Car Stickers and Emblems

Kiss Mark Lips Sticker

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Nowadays girls like to have a sticker on their cars. Really decorative and girly thing. It’s really affordable and available in the market. There are many types of stickers in the market with motivational and many funny messages.

These stickers are waterproof and designed for both outdoor and indoor. You can find these kinds of sticker on amazon too.

Handbrake covers for Girls

uxcell 2cm Hole Dia Pink Soft Silicone Manual Car Shift Knob Shifter Boot Cover

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Really an eye-popping thing. This uxcell 2cm Hole Dia Pink Soft Silicone Manual Car Shift Knob Shifter Boot Cover  will change the whole inner look if you set this in your car. It’s made with silicone. It’s also designed with nonslip surface. Really easy to install. It protects your gear shifter from scratches, damages etc.

Girly Steering Wheel Cover

Bell Automotive 22-1-97048-9 Universal Shaggy Hyper-Flex Core Steering Wheel Cover

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Make your driving more interesting. “Bell Automotive 22-1-97048-9 Universal Shaggy Hyper-Flex Core Steering Wheel Cover” can give you that experience. This product is really soft. It provides you style, comfort. Made from microfiber shag material. Preferable for all weather. Sure it will make your car cooler. this is one of the cute girly car accessories I’ve seen.

Car Pillows For Girls

AMAZLINEN TM Decorative Glitzy Sequin & Comfy Satin Solid Throw Pillow Cover

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If you want to make your journey more comfortable then I guess you can add the AMAZLINEN pillow in your car. It provides a charming look to your car. Made from PU leather. Doesn’t need to wash. High quality.

USB car adapter

USB Car Adapter MPERO Universal USB Car Adapter 1000 mAh

If you in hurry every time and forget to charge your phone then I think this “EMPIRE USB Car Adapter” is the best for you.

This allows you to charge your phone when you are in the car. Not only phone you can charge your USB devices. It’s really cheap and available in online store like amazon.com.

Wheel Rim

GoBadges RB03 Pink Rim Blade

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Now many brands making car wheel rim for girls. Like “GoBadges RB03 Pink Rim Blade” this wheel rim comes up with extraordinary features. This is one the best accessories you need to have for your cute car.

I hope must help you to pick the best one. Best of luck!!

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