Gooloo 500a Review: Jump Starter With Portable Power Pack

It is indeed a big hassle when you are on the road with your car, and your car battery dies all of a sudden. In such a situation, you might think of calling a mowing company or asking other drivers for help. But if you own a handy portable jump starter like Gooloo 500a, you can quickly solve the issue by yourself without requiring assistance from others.

For your information, car jump starters are like the power bank of your phone. These portable devices are equipped with a car battery booster pack which can instantly boost your car battery.

Our today’s product is from Gooloo. It is a renowned Chinese brand that makes a wide range of car products, and Gooloo 500a is another amazing product by the company. This portable jump starter is very effective for some of its great features.

Gooloo 500a Car Battery Booster Pack Review

Gooloo 500a Review


Size and Design Of Gooloo 500a

When you prepare to make a trip to somewhere, the size of the accessories is something to consider. If you are looking for a jump starter with a compact and stylish design, this one is going to be the right choice for you. This machine is compact enough to capacitate in your car’s glove box. Thus you will find it very convenient and comfortable to take it along. Moreover, the unique combination of red and black colors has beautified its appearance greatly.


Power is the most significant thing to consider when someone is going to buy a jump starter. As the machine uses a high-rate lithium-ion polymer battery cell, it is capable of jump-starting vehicles like cars, SUVs, yachts, lawn tractors, oil boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. up to 4.5L gas or 2.5L diesel with 500A peak current. With a full charge, it can jump-start vehicles up to 20 times. It comes with a 12V auto battery booster charger and a powerful LED flashlight.

Dual USB Port

This machine includes two USB ports ((5V 2.4A / 9V 2A), which enable you to charge your smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, and so on. There are charge indicators that let you see when the machine requires charging.


The GOOLOO 500a GP80 Jump Starter is a superb and versatile tool. By this, you can not only jump-start vehicles but also charge mobile devices and use high intensity LED flashlight in three modes (high, strobe, and SOS). LED flashlights are useful when you go on a travel, picnic, camping, or outdoor adventure.

Gooloo 500a Jump Starter With Portable Power Pack

Smart Protection System

This portable jump starter ensures your safe use by introducing smart protection system with the use of a smart jumper clamp. This system involves protection from short circuit, high temperature, over current, over-discharge, high voltage, etc.

For Optimum Performance

To get the optimum performance from your car battery, you should recharge the battery as soon as possible after jump-starting is done.

Gooloo 500a Accessories

You will get a handy carrying case, quick charge USB cable user manual, intelligent jump cable, etc. with this jump starter.

Final Words

In a nutshell, this jump starter would be a reliable and useful tool for you in difficult situations when your car battery dies, which causes your car to stop suddenly in the middle of the road. Though it is not suitable for jump-starting heavy vehicles like trucks, it is perfect for most passenger vehicles and other vehicles like tractors, yachts. Because of its great advantages, Gooloo 500a is one of the best portable jump startersin the market.

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