How to Use a Dial Torque Wrench?

To rotate an object, we apply force, and torque is the measurement of how much force is applied to rotate the object around an axis.

How to Use a Dial Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a useful and popular tool that is used to tighten fasteners like nuts and bolts to a predetermined torque value. Using this distinct tool, you can reduce the damage from over-tightening or joints coming apart from under-tightening. Therefore, you can get the correct performance and safety by applying the right amount of torque.

A torque wrench has a wide range of usages, and these include home repairs or maintenance, automotive, construction, and so on.

A dial torque wrench is a special type of torque wrench having a dial. This dial shows you how much torque you have applied to a specific application. If you don’t know how to use a dial torque wrench properly, you cannot attain your desired result. So before making up your mind to purchase a dial torque wrench, it would be better to know how to use it.

How to Use a Dial Torque Wrench?

Step by Step Procedure:

To use a dial torque wrench appropriately, you have to follow some steps strictly. Thus it will be more effective and handy to use.

Step 1:

First of all, let the fastener in the screw hole of the material. The screw should not be placed absolutely vertically. Wrong placing may lead the product or material to be damaged or even broken down.

Step 2:

Take the torque wrench out of its rest position at its box. After that, hold the wrench at its handle perfectly. Then, position the ratchet head on the fastener driver on its lid. You should make changes to the ratchet head in case of finding the fastener to have a loose grab.

Step 3:

Having set the perfect combination of the torque wrench and fastener lid driver, you can place the wrench and rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise. If you want to tighten the nuts and bolts, turn the wrench clockwise. For loosening, you have to turn the wrench anti-clockwise. For a better result, you should apply a slow but yet steady force.

Step 4:

In the dial, two different meters will be visible. One of them will be moving according to the force you apply. Another dial will set the last point where you stopped applying the force.

How to Maintain a Dial Torque Wrench:

dial torque wrench maintenance
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Although maintaining a torque wrench is not that difficult, many people mistakenly damage a well-functioning torque wrench if they don’t know how to maintain it properly. Here are some valuable and useful tips for the maintenance of a dial torque wrench.

  • It is better to avoid lubricating the inner portions of a dial torque wrench as most of these wrenches come with permanent lubrication. Extra lubrication may result in the wrong and inconsecutive torque calculations.
  • You can wipe the dirt and dust from the dial torque wrench, but you should never immerse the wrench in a drum full of water. This apparatus is not water-resistant usually and will give inaccurate torque measurements if it is immersed in water. Moreover, there is also a chance of corrosion. One good solution to remove dirt and dust is to use a blower fan.
  • The torque level of the wrench should be the lowest when it is at rest. Also, make sure to apply no force on the wrench when it is at rest.

Safety Measures to Use a Dial Torque Wrench:

Following some safety measures is very important when you are using this superb and handy tool. Things to remember as safety measures are:

  • Read and follow the user manual carefully prior to using this apparatus to get a lot of ideas. Reading and following the manual is one prerequisite to operate any tool smoothly and proficiently.
  • While working with it during construction, automotive works, you should wear goggles to prevent debris parts from getting into your eyes.
  • The torque range should never be exceeded from dial meters. This may damage the dial meter and make the wrench useless eventually.

To Wrap Up:

Hopefully, you have now understood how to use a dial torque wrench. Therefore, if you use and maintain it correctly, you will derive the best performance. While using it, make sure to follow safety measures.

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