The Proper Way To Store A RV Cover!

Do you know the proper way to store a RV cover?

With no doubt, RV is one of the most significant investments that you could make. It’s not feasible for everyone to afford a few RVs. For those who have a massive bank balance, you do not fit in this standards though. I’m talking for folks like me who can afford one RV only! Since it’s an expensive vehicle, proper maintenance is mandatory. Well-maintenance and care increase every car longevity.


In the event of RVs maintenance, An RV cover is an ideal solution. It can protect your RV from rain, snow, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and debris while not in use. But do you understand RV cover also require proper maintenance? Yes, it will. Now I will share some tips about RV cover storage and care.

Proper Way To Store A RV Cover

It is compulsory to wash an RV cover before storage. However various cover made with multiple fabrics which are the cleaning procedure varies from fabric to fabric. If you don’t have any documentation or no knowledge about the clothes go with the regular cleaning procedure.

Firstly, keep the cover to the ground until a plastic or nonporous material to save it from dirt and debris. You can use a garden hose to use water on the cover.

Apply some soap in line with the materials where the cover is made. Take a soft brush and scrub it gently. Then rinse the cover and be sure that you dry it thoroughly.

Because these are quite large, even it’s possible to harm the cover while folding if you do not do it carefully. Initially fold up the cover from either side. Then fold it evenly from front side to back side. Your folding job is finished.

Some Manufacturers supply an RV cover storage bag with the cover. In case you’ve got the bag, then only keep the cover on the tote. For greater storage, you can buy a new RV storage tote form the regional retail store or online. Keep the storage bag in a safe place and remember the location where you keep it. Otherwise, I might need to write another post ‘the best way to learn a place where I will safely store my RV cover’ next time!

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Bonus Tips

  • Not let snow or water on your RV cover for a long time.
  • After use makes sure to wash your cover.
  • Gently tie the cover.
  • Make sure to keep it dry.


Bear in mind that if your RV cover remains safe, then your pricey RV will be secure during winter. So be confident that you follow these steps and keep your RV cover securely.

That’s all for now. I am wrapping up for today. We’ll meet shortly with some additional tips and tricks. Till then, Stay connected and do not be afraid to discuss your valuable opinion.

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