RV Cover Storage Tips and Advice : You Need to Know

Without any hesitation I can say that, your RV is one of the biggest investments of yours. So it is obvious that you need to consider the fact of its maintenance. That’s why we covered the RV cover storage tips and advice for you. A perfect RV covers in that case, an essential solution. It can protect your valuable RV from harmful UV rays, snow, rain, dust and other debris too.


However, as RV covers protects your expensive RV so the covers should maintain and store properly while not in use. Therefore, today I will share some tips about RV Cover Storage. After read the entire article you are about to find out how to store a RV cover while not in use.

RV Cover Storage Tips and Advice

Wash the Cover Properly

Before storage, RV cover need to be washed properly. Almost all the RV covers come with the instruction about how to clean this RV cover. As different covers made with different fabrics so their cleaning process can vary. In case you don’t have the instruction or you don’t sure about the fabric then you can go with this common washing process that can be useful for almost all types of RV covers.

First, keep the cover in the ground and use a plastic or some nonporous material as base to save the cover from dirt and debris located in the ground. Now, rinse the cover with warm water by using a hose. Without instruction from the manufacturer don’t use soap. It may damage your cover. Take a soft brush and scrub gently after you rinse it with hose. Try to be very gentle while scrubbing. Then rinse the cover and make it dry completely. Are you need to best car wash shop for properly your RV clean? Please visit the highlight.

Fold the Cover

Fold the cover with great care. The cover is quite big so it is an irritating job for you and even while folding the cover you can damage the cover too. Fold up from both sides at first and then fold equally from front side to back side.

Use a Storage Bag

RV covers usually comes with a storage bag. If you already have RV cover than simply keep the cover on that bag. If you don’t have one you can keep it in a clean plastic bag. But for better storage experience you can buy one RV storage bag from your nearest shop or from online. Keep your storage bag on a safe place and don’t forget where you keep it. Otherwise I may have to write another article next time about ‘how to find out the place where I keep my RV cover!’

Some Extra Tips

  • Try not to let water and snow in your RV cover for long
  • Clean your cover after use
  • Tie cover down with care
  • Keep it dry

Finally, RV covers can last for so long time with proper care and maintenance. Keep your valuable RV safe and secure and keep the cover clean and store it with caution. If the cover is safe your RV will also be safe too. That’s all for today. Stay in touch for more valuable tips and tricks.

Good Luck!!!

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