Symptoms of Clogged Catalytic Converter

The exhaust system on your vehicle has a catalytic converter which converts toxic gases to less toxic ones. The catalytic converter can fail because it has been clogged for various reasons and can decrease your vehicle’s performance. All motor vehicles which runs on fuel has a catalytic converter these days. This is an essential part of the exhaust and you might get a costly ticket just for it.

The emission of your car can release harmful gases because it’s clogging. So it’s advisable to change or get it unclogged by a professional mechanic. As you cannot inspect it directly, there is no way to tell if it’s clogging or not.

But it will show symptoms. In this article we will show you what sort of symptoms your car will show if the cat is clogged. Be sure to diagnose if you suspect and find these symptoms as it can cause damage to your engine and the debris will cause external damage.

Symptoms of Clogged Catalytic Converter

  • Your car will misfire

If your engine gets high fuel mixture it can misfire. This will cause your catalytic converter to melt under such condition. The heat from the high fuel and less air makes misfires and this can cause the meltdown. Whenever your car misfires, you might want to go to a mechanic and get the catalytic converter checked out.

  • You will notice a decrease in the car’s performance

No matter how much you press down the gas pedal, your car won’t go as fast as it used to go. You will notice a big change in the acceleration. It will feel like an airlock in the exhaust or a decrease in the fuels performance. But in reality, it might be caused by the clogged catalytic converter. It’s better to get it checking out.

  • Your car won’t start easily

Every now and then, when your exhaust is cold and you try to start up the engine, it might fail to start. After a few try when the engine gives in to the heat of the combustion, it will start. It’s because the clogged catalytic converter might be causing your exhaust block.

  • Take an emission test

If you feel that your catalytic converter is clogging or want to be sure about it, you might take an emission test. As you have to open up the catalytic converter to locate the clog, but a sure way is to take an emission test and if your car fails the test, it means your catalytic converter is clogged.

Your catalytic converter may cause these symptoms and you might want to check if it’s performing correctly. It might be some alien chemicals like motor oil or anti-freeze. Most of the time it’s better to replace the catalytic converter as unclogging it needs some tips and professional help. It’s a general law to take out the catalytic converter or drive without one. Check if the engine light is on and get it to a service center to check it out. Drive safely!

Best of Luck!

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