WeatherGuard Tool Boxes 2019: The Tool Box that worth the money

Looking for the best truck toolbox? Weatherguard toolboxes are the best in pickup truck tool boxes segment. Today, we are going to discuss different types of weatherguard tool boxes and their buying guide. We hope this ultimate guide on Weatherguard truck tool box will answer all those questions that can arise in your mind while buying a tool chest for the truck.

weatherguard tool boxes reviews

WeatherGuard is a renowned brand in the truck toolbox category. You will find different types of boxes from them with great facilities for you. Weather Guard, a WernerCo brand, is an industry pioneer in the truck and van hardware, including truck boxes, drawer units, racking, cupboards, and racks for trucks, vans, and utility vehicles.

It arranges trucks and vans for more prominent efficiency and gives instruments and assets prevalent security against break-ins and climate.

Types of Weatherguard Tool Boxes

Weatherguard truck tool boxes are very durable and you can keep then in the truck to store all the necessary tools you need for your truck. They have tool boxes like:

  • Cross boxes
  • Saddle boxes
  • Pork chopped boxes
  • Low- side boxes
  • Hi-side boxes
  • Super side boxes
  • Super low boxes
  • Under bed boxes
  • Transfer Tanks

Now in this whole writing, we are going to give you knowledge about these 9 types of pickup or truck tool boxes from Weatherguard and the best product from each category.

Our Editors Top 3 Best Weatherguard Tool boxes:

Best Weatherguard Saddle Box127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
Best Weatherguard Pork Chop Boxes171001 Aluminum Pork Chop Box
Best Weatherguard Lo-side boxes184501 Lo-Side Black Aluminum Box

Weatherguard Truck Saddle box

one of the truck tool boxes made by Weather Guard. It mostly comes in either aluminum or you can find it on steel material. The color which you will find is black or white so you can pick the one you need. They are the best-selling and the most popular from this truck bed tool boxes category.

Features of the saddle boxes:

  • the simplicity of establishment
  • most extreme bed leeway
  • unbelievable solidness
  • Clear Coat complete guarantees years of steadfastness
  • high stockpiling
  • Great PROTECTION Lock alters safe withdrawing lock secures against break-ins

Best Weatherguard Saddle Box

Best Weatherguard Saddle Box

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With a limit of 11.3 cubic feet, this full-sized model can pull your most-required gear. Climate guard’s signature armor-tufa dark powder coat and a tight climate seal guarantee shielding against the components for a considerable length of time of utilization. Access your devices effectively with the 90-degree opening spread.

This Weatherguard tool chest has a rotational lock for the simple one-touch opening. Capacity sections inside the truck stockpiling box hold a 48-inch level safely set up. An inherent 12v electrical access considers fueling up apparatuses when required.

Climate guard’s extreme protection lock framework shields gear from break-ins and theft. The weather guard 127502 must be the best at what its intended for. The fit and complete is phenomenal. The locking systems do work to a great degree well.

It truly is a major box with bunches of storage room. The front secure region is a better than average though. This is an extremely durable box, however sufficiently light that the conveyance truck driver conveyed it for a square without utilizing a dolly. Opens and closes effortlessly from either agrees with one hand.

Weather Guard 127502 Saddle Box Features:

  • Compelling insurance locking framework ensures against break-ins
  • Advantageous connection guides protect your capacity toward secure materials and bigger devices in truck bed
  • Simple Find association incorporates movable metal plate
  • Removable parts canister and level holder
  • Car style turning lock highlights smooth one-touch opening
  • Full climate seal keeps dampness out even in amazing climate conditions

Weatherguard Cross boxes

Cross tool kits range over the width of your truck bed, giving adequate stockpiling to all your tools. Cross Boxes permit access from either side of the truck with two free bolting covers. This rough, adaptable box has a full climate seal to keep out the components. Including different sizes, they come in different materials like steel and aluminum in black or white color.

Features of the cross boxes:

  • They are very heavy
  • Comes with climate components
  • Perfectly fits on your truck
  • Accessible from different sides as it has two opening sides

Best Weatherguard Cross boxes

Best Weatherguard Cross boxes

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The aluminum model 114-5-01 full additional wide cross box highlights a jewel plate design with dark Armor-tufâ powder coat complete guarantees years of steadfastness and has a capacity limit of 15.3 Cu. Ft. This tough, adaptable box has a full climate seal to keep out the components.

This Weatherguard toolbox’s gull-wing covers open independently and highlight one-touch rotating hooks to make get to simple. They likewise have softened up safe EXTREME PROTECTIONÂ withdrawing locks to keep the majority of your substance safe.

The Weather Guard cross box fits 6-1/2-or 8-foot beds on any full measure pickup truck. This container hangs suspended over the sides of the truck, so there’s enough space underneath it for capacity. Inside, the truck stockpiling box gloats a steel divider plate.

Weather Guard 114501 72 Tool Box Features:

  • One-touch hook instrument and trademarked red pushbutton on both closures of the container considers one-gave opening of the case from either side of the truck.
  • Suspends from the side of a pickup truck permitting a lot of room underneath.
  • Twin, gull-wing sort covers give simple access from either side of the truck. every spread works autonomously

Weatherguard Pork Chop Boxes

Pork Chop Boxes make utilization of generally unutilized truck bed space above and in the driver’s seat wells. Incredible for putting away little parts and hand instruments for snappy, simple access.

Features of the pork chop boxes:

  • Easy to place in the truck
  • Different instruments to operate different parts
  • Can store it in different places in the truck

Best Weatherguard Pork Chop Boxes

Best Weatherguard Pork Chop Boxes

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Pork chop boxes make utilization of generally not used truck bed space above and in the driver’s seat wells. The model 171-0-01 traveler side aluminum pork cleave box highlights a precious stone plate design with Armor-tufâ clear coat complete guarantees years of reliability and has a capacity limit of 2.1 Cu. Ft. awesome for putting away little parts and hand apparatuses for fast, simple access.

The hook and bolt of this weatherguard toolbox is strong, pivot and slam are solid and the container is alluring and all around developed.

Weather Guard 171001 Pork Chop Box Features:

  • 90° spread opening for simple access
  • Crease-free/penetrate free introduce mounting sections
  • Full climate seal
  • Car style lock with smooth “one-touch” opening
  • Hook linkage insurance

Weatherguard Lo-side boxes

Lo-Side Boxes mount over the bedrails of your truck and keep basic devices and parts readily available. Simple establishment uses mounting sections that don’t require penetrating into the rails so you don’t need to do anything with the case to fit it in your truck.

Features of the lo-side boxes:

  • Easy to install
  • No need to drill to install
  • Mount over for extra storage

Best Weatherguard Lo-side boxes

Best Weatherguard Lo-side boxes

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The aluminum lo-side short box has 3.4 cubic feet of capacity territory to keep crucial instruments and parts close by. This weatherguard tool box fits short, 6-foot bed pickups. All frill and mounting legs come included so establishment is quick.

You don’t even need to bore openings to fit this aluminum instrument truck box. The armor-tufâ powder coat complete in dark looks great and keeps in exceptional condition for quite a while. Climate fixing around the weather guard tool compartment guarantees that the substance stays dry and shielded from the downpour.

Defeat criminals with the extreme protection alter safe lock. The cover of this weather guard box opens to an entire 90-degrees to give simple access.

Weather Guard 184501 Lo-Side Box Features:

  • One-touch hook instrument and trademarked red pushbutton highlight a powder covered alumina, car style locking framework.
  • Low profile box that mounts on an afterthought rail of your get truck. Can be utilized independently or as a part of the blend with cross or saddle boxes.
  • J-snare mounting requires no boring of gaps in the rails.
  • Great protection lock – secures against break-ins and has altered resistant withdrawing lock
  • 90° spread opening for simple access

Weatherguard Hi-side boxes

Hi-Side Boxes convey more prominent security from the components and vandalism. The drill safe center secures against break-ins and the canal outline diverts rain and snow off of the crate to keep substance dry. HI-Side Box highlights device less fast discharge entryways, helpful connection focuses.

Features of the hi-side boxes:

  • Comes with extra protection
  • Great designs to fit in the truck
  • Quick release to reach the tools

Best Weatherguard Hi-side boxes

Best Weatherguard Hi-side boxes

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This Weatherguard tool box is intended to fit particular vehicles. It would be ideal if you guarantee to adjust part fitment before buying this anticipate. Contact the vender straightforwardly for extra item data and availability.

Weather Guard 364502 Hi Side Truck Box Features:

  • Drill safe lock center and three-point hooking framework oppose break-ins
  • Downpour drain and Full-Weather Seal keeps dampness out of box and your gear
  • Top-mounted removable parts receptacle keeps things sorted out

Weatherguard Super side boxes

Presently conveying more prominent security against climate and vandalism, these super side boxes offer speedy access to significant apparatuses, gear, and parts while keeping the truck bed open for supplies.

Features of the super side boxes:

  • Can fit in any height of the truck and in any side
  • Very durable
  • Easy to open as it stays in the side area
  • Easy installation process

Best Weatherguard Super side boxes

Best Weatherguard Super side boxes

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This super side WeatherGuard tool box is very good according to the money which you are going to spend for this. It’s a big size box so that you can keep all the necessary tools of your truck at one place so that you won’t have to search for them everywhere.

These Weatherguard tool boxes are very easy to install in the side areas of your truck which allows it to open easily. They come in steel and also in aluminum so that you can pick the one you need. One of the best box from Weather Guard.

Weather Guard 391502 Super Side Truck Box Features:

  • Can store tools at a time
  • Can be installed at any side of the truck
  • Easy opening process

Weatherguard Super low boxes

These are very low boxes and usually, they are stored in the lower areas of the truck. These boxes are very useful for the trucks are they are in the lower area so they also work as a safety guard for the truck sometimes and also as its low the driver can reach the tools easily and very great when you are working in the lower area.

Features of the Super low boxes:

  • Auto-latching system
  • Weather protected

Best Weatherguard Super low boxes

Best Weatherguard Super low boxes

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ONE-TOUCH lock instrument and trademarked RED PUSHBUTTON highlights a powder covered alumina, car style hooking framework. Low profile box mounts to the side rails of your pickup and has 40% more storage room than Lo-Side Boxes. Quite a bit of accessible space under the container for 4′ wide materials. Great PROTECTION Lock – ensures against break-ins and has altered safe withdrawing lock 90. Spread opening for simple access

Weather Guard 186301 Super-Lo Box Features:

  • One touch technology to open the box easily
  • Aluminum coating for extra durability
  • Extreme low boxes
  • Easy to opening to reach the tools easily

Weatherguard Under bed boxes

Weatherguard Under bed Boxes come in three size groupings: minimized, standard and king sized. A bright white or Black ARMOR-TUF Powder Coat upgrades the sturdiness of these containers’ overwhelming gauge steel. Steel Under bed Boxes is supplied with an aluminum entryway and pivot for unrivaled resistance from rust and consumption.

Features of the Weatherguard Under bed Boxes:

  • Units give sturdiness at the lighter weight.
  • Weatherguard aluminum under bed boxes are accessible in minimal
  • Standard and king sized renditions to meet your particular needs.

Best Weatherguard Under bed boxes

Weatherguard Under bed boxes

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The WEATHER GUARD brand is worked for the temporary worker moving and incorporates a best-in-class line of truck and van stockpiling hardware. Proficient tradesmen trust in the wellbeing, security, and toughness gave by the WEATHERGUARDÂ brand. They are uniquely strong with regards to their under bed boxes. It’s an exceptionally strong under bed box with a simple opening and the fitting is simple.

WEATHER GUARD 548-5-02 Under bed Box Features:

  • Has high weather resistance
  • Rust free box
  • Has lock option
  • Easy opening system

Weatherguard Transfer Tanks

Exchange or the transfer Tanks offer a more secure method of transportation for diesel fuel to the job site and past. Exchange Tanks are intended for Full-Size pickup trucks and they have a capacity limit of 100lbs. The cases are made precisely so that the products you are exchanging stays well and you can appreciate them later.

Features of the Weatherguard Transfer tanks:

  • Made carefully to transfer things
  • You can store goods easily as they are very spacious
  • Can carry more than 100 lbs. at a tome which is very huge
  • Comes with locks to provide safety during transferring things

Best Weatherguard Transfer Tanks

Best Weatherguard Transfer Tanks

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Transport diesel anyplace with the WEATHER GUARD Rectangle, 100 Gallon Transfer Tank. This sturdy unit fits inside the body of the truck. Mounted with a steel plate, the fuel move tank stays set up while you move. The unit accompanies a vented top that keeps a lot of weight from working up as you fill to shield the unit from breaks and holes.

The high-limit tank holds up to 100 gallons and depends on inherent confounds to settle the putaway diesel while you drive. This WeatherGuard toolbox keeps the fuel from influencing your force while you turn or brake. The tank additionally includes an ARMOR-TUFÂ powder complete that coats the whole outside to shield against harm from downpour and snow.

WEATHER GUARD Rectangle Transfer T Features:

  • Comes in high-quality steel body
  • Has a nice big rectangular shape
  • Good size to fit anywhere
  • Durable material
  • Gives extra power while transferring things on it
  • Very safe to carry fuel or liquid on it
  • Can be locked for extra safety.

Final Word

Truck tool kits are particularly intended to hold your instruments or some other things you require all the time, in a perfect and composed style in the back of your truck.

As a truck proprietor, you will rapidly find that truck bed tool compartments will keep your things secure and sorted out. There is a wide range of sorts of truck tool compartments, so you can locate the ideal one to fit your needs.

Weather guard truck tool boxes can fulfill you wish so that you can store your truck tools in a nice secure box which is within your budget and you can store the box where you wish to. They are easy to carry and you can transport different things on these boxes as well.


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